Eritrean Businessman Who Refused to Pay “Royalty” to the Yemeni Houthis Killed

Eritrean Businessman Who Refused to Pay “Royalty” to the Yemeni Houthis Killed



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 | April 9, 2018





(Reuters) Yemen – Eritrean has refused to pay what they call the “war effort,” financial charges imposed by militias to fund its war against the Yemeni people, local and media sources said on Tuesday.



The sources reported that an Eritrean merchant was shot dead by al-Houthi militia in the district of Al-Lahya in the southern province of Al-Hudaydah west of Yemen after refusing to pay the “war effort”.



She explained that the Eritrean merchant comes to the city of the beard in order to buy goods such as flour, rice, wood and others, and then return to his country to sell there.



She pointed out that the Eritrean merchant, when completed his load, on Monday, and proceeded to leave like every time, the Houthis asked him to pay them the war effort, but he refused and boarded his boat at sea.



And confirmed that gunmen Huthi led by Abu Jihad, and Deputy Director of Coast Guard in the beard of the Huthis, Kahlani, later the Eritrean merchant, and shot him live, hit him two bullets in the heart, and died immediately, according to what was reported by the website “Source Online” Yemeni news .



According to the sources, the Houthi militia charged that the Eritrean merchant had five bags of flour exceeding the amount authorized, but one of the partners of the Eritrean merchant, and his agent in the city of beard in the west of Yemen, Hassan al-Safi, and other traders protested the incident, and denied the claims of the Houthis.



The escalation of protests against the Houthis following the incident prompted them to kidnap the son of the net trader Abdullah to pressure his father and other merchants to stop their protest and hide the murder.



Under the guise of the so-called “war effort,” the Houthi militias are stealing money and illegal royalties from traders and citizens, and all public, private and service facilities to pay them.