Acquittal Asked for Eritrean Protest in Holland

Acquittal Asked for Eritrean Protest


Software Translation from Dutch | March 30, 2018



DEN BOSCH – By the discovery of a mistake Friday in the second instance acquittal was asked for 24 Eritreans who were arrested in Veldhoven last year at a controversial conference of the youth movement of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea. In total, 128 activists were arrested at the entrance to the Koningshof conference center after their protest against the meeting threatened to escalate.



The public prosecutor demanded 370 euro fine against the suspects earlier on Friday. In the second term and after the plea of ​​defense, he came back to this because it became clear from the interrogation of two agents that then mayor Jack Mikkers never gave the necessary order to end the demonstration.


The demonstration at the conference center became grim when the demonstrators noticed that conference visitors were admitted via a back entrance. Escalation threatened when five conference participants were attacked by the opponents. The demonstrators wanted to storm the conference center, the agents explained. The order to leave was not followed, after which all demonstrators were taken to the police station with two regular buses.



The Eritrean campaigners say their demonstration has been peaceful. “We did not come to Veldhoven to sow unrest but to fight for peace”, according to a joint statement in the last word.



The conference in Veldhoven did not end because it was banned by the mayor for fear of further disruption of public order.




The court pronounces on 12 April. On this basis, the public prosecutor decides what to do with all other cases.