Four Men From Eritrea for Rape in Court

Four Men From Eritrea for Rape in Court


Trial of four men for rape



Software Translation from German | March 6, 2018





Four young Eritrean men are now being tried for rape of a 56-year-old woman.



At the victim, the investigators had found the DNA of the four men.


There is also a mobile video of the act.


In the process at the district court Dessau loaded one of the accused the three other men heavily. He assures himself not to have participated in the act.


The trial of four young men from Eritrea, accused of raping a 56-year-old woman jointly in August 2017 , was reported at the Dessau district court on Tuesday . One of the defendants charged his three co-defendants on the first day of the trial, but asserted that he himself had not participated in the crime.



If confirmed, what is in the charges against the four Africans, then it is a particularly blatant case of gang rape. At 15 . In August 2017 , the prosecutor said that Yonas A., 20 , Sultan A., 21 , Samiel H., 19 , and Jonas M., 18 , had bought a box of beer and emptied it behind a former school in the center of Dessau drinking. At about 9 pm the subsequent victim passed by; the woman collected bottles. The four would have told her that if she came back later, she could take the empty beer bottles with her.



As the woman around 22.30When he returned home, one of the defendants, who speaks a little German, first talked to her. When the woman wanted to leave, the defendants grabbed her, stripped her naked, and raped her one after another. Jonas M. held a broken beer bottle to her neck and threatened to cut her off if she was not calm and did as she was told. The woman had also been beaten several times; one of the men urinated on her. Then they would have left the scene. The woman had various bruises and bruises and also suffered a cut injury; she had to be hospitalized for several days. Due to fingerprints, the four suspects were identified. The prosecutor doubts the age information; the alleged 18-year-old was according to an opinion at least 22 years old, the court said.


The alleged 21-year-old Sultan A. was the first to comment on the allegations. He said he could only remember that he and his three acquaintances had bought a box of beer at a supermarket in the Rathauscenter in Dessau. He had drunk eight bottles of beer and had no memory of what had happened during the evening. He also does not remember a woman. He also did not know how he got home. He woke up the next morning with a headache, he had been bad. With his friends was no longer spoken about the course of the evening.



Prosecutor Sabine Monnet appealed to the defendants to reconsider their testimony. There are DNA traces of all four defendants on the victim, there is the incriminating testimony of one of the defendants, and there is a incriminating video on the cell phone of one of the defendants. The assertion of Sultan A., that he could not remember anything, was completely incredible: “Of eight half beer you can not have such a film tear,” said the prosecutor.


Men in court


Samiel H., allegedly 19 , then confirmed the conduct of the case, as he stands in the indictment, with one restriction: He himself had not participated in the gang rape. “I got a call from a cousin, I was on the phone,” he said. The other three would have taken the woman down a flight of stairs, stripped off her pants, and had sexual intercourse one after the other. He had initially drunk on top of the stairs, then he had gone down. “I did not do anything,” he said, “I told them to leave them alone, Jonas M. said, if you want, you can join in. I said, I will not do that.” Samiel H. also stated that the woman had been injured with a broken bottle.