Italian Athletics Signs an Agreement for Training in Eritrea



Tokyo 2020, Italian Athletics Signs an Agreement for Training in Eritrea



Software Translation from Italian | February 13, 2018




The Asmara climate, always favorable all year round, could help the Azzurri in preparing for the big events. Marathon runners Meucci, Straneo and Faniel are on a visit



An important agreement was signed on Monday between the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) and the Eritrean government in key Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. A series of training exchanges and training camps are planned aimed not only at identifying a common path of growth and collaboration for all the figures involved in the project, from the coaches to the physiotherapists, but also to prepare the athletes in the best possible way for the upcoming Summer Olympics.



The Asmara rises in fact at 2300 meters above sea level and is endowed with a stable climate all year round , therefore it presents the optimal conditions for an intensive training. In these weeks, among other things, there is a federal meeting with the blue marathon runners Daniele Meucci, Valeria Straneo and Eyob Faniel. In 2017, the Eritrean capital was also awarded the prestigious Unesco World Heritage title by virtue of the Italian colonial architecture of futuristic inspiration and still an example of design and style.





The agreement was signed by Federal President Alfio Giomi and the Eritrean Sport Commissioner , former Ambassador to Italy, Zemede Tekle Woldetatios, who, after signing, reiterated: “Sport is a universal language capable of alleviating many of the problems afflicting the modern world, from poverty to racism. In particular, I welcome this new chapter in the long and deep friendship between our countries, with the hope that we can both benefit from it and lay the foundations for future collaborations “.