Video: Eritrean Migrant – Sudan, Libya to Holland Trip Experience, Interview

Eritrean Migrant Talks about his Libya to Holland Trip Experience 



Software Translation from Dutch | December 28, 2017





They fled Eritrea and even feel unsafe in the Netherlands. For example because many Eritrean refugees are forced to pay ‘ diaspora tax’.



Eritreans also regularly appeared in the news because of the integration problems. Thus their language, Tigrinya, consists of a completely different script than ours.



But there are also success stories, such as that of Mana (22). He came to the Netherlands via Libya two years ago and now lives in Den Bosch. He now follows a course, has a job and speaks Dutch. Yet he is also regularly awake.





In Libya Mana found a lawless free state. Refugees are traded there, kidnapped or killed. Mana arrived safely in the Netherlands, but was very worried about his little brother who took the same route.



That Mana wants to cooperate with an item is not self-evident. Many newcomers do not want to talk for fear of reprisals from home. Our audience therefore thought the Eritreans were unheard of. But Mana has his reasons: “Tell people about Libya, it is really very much there”.




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