Video: Eritrean Football Star Alexander Isak – Beating the Record

Alexander Isak, the predestined who beats the records of Ibra, who says no to Real and who studies again Aubameyang
Software Translation from Italian | December 25, 2017


The exultation is one of those that make you remember someone. Not just anybody, because to celebrate every goal on his feet, with his arms outstretched and his head high is a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic, not peanuts. And if they compare you to him, something special inside you must have it.


Especially if you make your debut in the first team at 16 and if you become the youngest gunner ever in the history of your national team. Yes, Alexander Isak is all this and more. A boy born with the magic in his feet and kissed by an elite destiny, which leads him to score two goals in the first derby of his career September 21, 2016, the day of his seventeenth birthday.


In Stockholm the two teams of the city face each other, the Djurgardens on one side and the AIK on the other. The 30 000 of the Tele2 Arena are heard, and then see their favorites fall for 3 to 0, overwhelmed by the shotgun of a boy from the Eritrean origins, 1.90 high, which by profession is the striker and who has the goal in the blood. There will be ten goals in 24 appearances for Isak at the end of the season, with a whole country and not just talking about him, of a 1999 phenomenon that is not seen often. Because if you play in Sweden and you’re a talent, the question is no longer whether you’re going away or not, but what will be the team that will bet more on you. It already happened in 2001 with Ibra, who first refused the audition with Arsenal (because Zlatan does not give proofs) and then moved to Holland, to Ajax. Almost 8 million euros the amount that is paid into the coffers of the Malmo, just enough from those parts to economically support the entire season. Absolute record for the Swedish market.

Yes, before Alexander Isak arrived. He who grew up at the AIK right away, since he was six years old. Zlatan the idol, of course. But his example has always been Henok Goitom, of Eritrean origin like him and with his own passion to beat the opposing goalkeepers. An old knowledge of our football, because it has passed from Udine. Think about it, with the Friulians playing only one game, in February 2005. The theater is that of San Siro, the team is Inter. The result is the best, because the Friulians tie for 1 to 1 thanks to his header at 90 ‘. Then four seasons and tantigol with the AIK, from 2012 to 2015, when he decides to pack up to move to the Getafe. It is from this moment that the adventure of Isak begins , that just fifteen years old begins to train with the big ones.


The debut at 16 years and 5 months, in the cup against Tenhult. It ends 6 to 0, he throws it inside. As well as a week later,when he became the youngest gunner ever in the history of the Swedish championship. The same goes for the same record with Sweden, of which it becomes the most precocious marker of the history in the night of the Armed Forces Stadium with a goal to Slovakia. Too much to not attract the interest of the great Europeans. They say that during a game won by Sweden Under 21 in Estonia, there were 70 observers at the stadium of 90 companies at the stadium.


To move immediately is the Real Madrid of the champions. Legends pass from there sooner or later, to reject the charm and money of the blancos is practically impossible. Not for Alexander Isak, though,that of Ibrahimovic has perhaps taken some movement on the field but not that pleasant pride that has made him great. Also because in Madrid, two years before, another prodigy boy ended up there. They called it the Messi of Norway. Martin Odegaard in Liga set foot at 16, replacing Cristiano Ronaldo. Too bad, however, that from that moment on the field no longer sees it. Now he is in Holland, on loan to Heerenveen. Being great does not just mean writing history on a green rectangle, but also observing and understanding others.

It happens then that Isak refuses the court of the Galacticos, just when everything seemed done. From Spain to Germany, from the Bernabeu to the Westfalenstadion. From Real Madrid to Borussia Dortmund.Yes, the boy chooses the Bundesliga, where he moves in January 2017 for 10 million euros. Zlatan beaten, another written record. Here we grow well, we focus on young people, on the various Dembelè, Pulisic, Weigl, Emre Mor, Guerreiro and others. Adrian Ramos was loaned to Granada, Aubameyang leaves for the African Cup. In short, there are all the conditions to try.

Ten months pass, in which it is divided between youth and a few minutes in the first team. The cold does not scare him, he’s used to Stockholm. Just as he does not fear the few opportunities that are granted to him, because the champions can also wait. They know that, sooner or later, the day arrives. As on October 24th, in the German Cup on the Magdeburg field. Round success for Dortmund, with Isak who takes just five minutes to do the assist to Castro and to score the first goal of the season left. Smile, run under the guest sector to celebrate with his fans and a rather contained joy. He waits for more Isak goals, as important as those his idol did on fields all over the world. It can not be otherwise for a predestined boy, who has refused Real to continue to pursue his dream. Become a champion.