Young Eritrean Family Finds their New Home in Haltern, Germany

Young Eritrean Family Finds their New Home in Haltern, Germany



Software Translation from German | December 24, 2017



Yorsalem Okbazgi and Mulugeta Ande with little Mieron Photo: Photo: Ingrid Wielens



HOLDING For a family from Eritrea,  “we never want to leave here,” say Yorsalem Okbazgi and her husband Mulugeta Ande. In conversation, the young couple describes how they could find a new home in Haltern.



A Christmas tree will also be available this year at Yorsalem Okbazgi and Mulugeta Ande in the living room. A real Nordmann fir. Last year, the Christmas tree was made of plastic. At home in Eritrea. Real trees are much too expensive there. Although – the home of the young couple, the country in northeastern Africa is no more. After their dramatic escape from the Red Sea a good year and a half ago, Yorsalem (23) and Mulugeta (29) are stranded in owners. Then son Mieron came into the world five months ago. The little family is happy in the seaside city. “This is our home,” says the young Yorsalem. Everyone helps, everyone is friendly – the young couple is serious. For while the two refugees tell with the help of an interpreter, the joy is written on their faces.



With the owner Barbara Schild, they have found a godmother who helps them in dealing with authorities and everyday problems. “She’s my mother,” Yorsalem says, touching her heart. A silver cross on her chest flashes. Yorsalem, Mulugeta and Mieron are Christians. By tradition. In Eritrea, about half of the population is made up of Christians and Muslims. Her birth mother had to leave Yorsalem there. Mulugetas parents also live in the small village in northern Eritrea.