Video: Eritrea Against All Odds – Swiss Documentary


One against all



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December 19, 2017



Hardly anyone knows Eritrea better than Toni Locher. He is a doctor, development worker and honorary consul, and he is criticized for being too close to the autocratic regime. Locher was once a revolutionist and was committed to the liberation struggle Eritrea.



Toni Locher has been running a practice in gynecology and obstetrics in Wettingen in the canton of Aargau for 30 years. He was supposed to become a priest, at the request of his strict Catholic mother. But at the age of 19 Toni Locher was a member of a 3rd World Group, delivered relief supplies to Eritrea, supplied freedom fighters in the Civil War as a medical assistant, yes, he even married his former wife just behind the front line.



Today, Locher is disillusioned, but he continues to fight against the bad image of the African country, from which 30,000 people have fled to Switzerland. He regularly visits Eritrea, where he maintains the closest private connections, looks after nursing daughters, supports hospitals and promotes water projects. Reporter Reto Brennwald accompanied Toni Locher with the camera on site.