Video: What is it Like to Live as an Eritrean or a Black Person in Japan?


What is it Like to Live as a Black Person in Japan? | December 6, 2017



Black in Tokyo, a short and enthralling documentary by Amarachi Nwosu, explores what it is like to thrive as a black person in a racially homogenous country like Japan.



Why did Nigerian-American photographer Nwosu take on the project? “Because no one else had done it.”



“I didn’t see enough representation of black people in media but I saw it of black culture—youth culture trends and music, but not enough in general media,” Nwosu told Black Enterprise. “When I did see black people in media it was often as stereotypical characters and that is largely due to the western objectification of black people, which translates all over the world. I knew I had to do something to change it and that was when Black In Tokyo was born.”



The film focuses on what it’s like to escape your comfort zone in a ever-moving city, following five differing personalities descending from various places in the world, including Ghana, Eritrea and America.



Amarachi moved to Japan to study in 2015 when she was 20-years-old and this is what she found..

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