Eritrean Mother Sentenced 3 Years Jail Term for Manslaughter

Video: Eritrean Mother Sentenced 3 Years Jail Term for Manslaughter



Baby in Trash: Mother Three Years Jail Term



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Eritrean Mother Sentenced 3 Years Jail Term for Manslaughter


The Landgericht in Kiel sentenced a woman from Eritrea to three years of imprisonment for manslaughter by abstaining. The 23-year-old had laid her child in a bag two years ago after her birth on the roadside in Sülfeld (Kreis Segeberg). There the infant died after about 30 minutes of undercooling and breathing, as a reviewer said. With the judgment, the court remains under the demand of the public prosecutor. She had pleaded on Monday for a prison term of five years. The defense demanded an acquittal for the accused.



In an initial interrogation with the police, the woman had shown herself to be a confidant, according to the officials. For the process, she contradicted this presentation – and denied the allegations . She had escaped from Eritrea and was imprisoned and raped in Libya. Because of these experiences the woman had pushed everything, so the defender.


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Great share in Sülfeld



A passant found the shopping bags at that time and threw them – without looking into them – into a paper basket several hundred meters away at a bus stop. Passengers made the terrible discovery. The funeral of the little girl took place with a great share of the population in the municipality of Sülfeld.



The investigators determined 14 months before they came to the woman’s track. She was arrested in December last year and has been in detention since then in Lübeck.



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