Eritrean Eyob Solomun Wins Germany’s Race



Eritrean Eyob Solomun Wins Germany’s Race



Software Translation from German | August 28, 2017



23-year-old from Eritrea immediately gets out of the dust and can not be caught up again. Organizers are looking forward to 1117 participants.


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When the big time display jumped to the 30-minute mark, most of the spectators of the 23rd Rare Race were still relaxed on the racetrack. So early had the few expected the winner. But Eyob Solomun was in a hurry. So, after a little more than half an hour, he turned to the sports field on Mintarder Strasse behind the rider. After the last 300 meters of the 10-kilometer main race, the 23-year-old broke both arms and ran ahead of the finish line after only 31:12 minutes.



The runner from Eritrea, who has been living in Germany since 2013, was already running up and running right after the start. “He has already started this way and could not keep the pace,” said moderator Andreas Menz. In his third start, the Africans were not able to take the start-finish victory. With a solo run, he was the winner – despite the fact that he had exercised less for six months and had a slight pain in the leg until he reached kilometer seven.



Nevertheless, he did not give the chasers any chance. Karol Grunenberg, the previous season’s winner, had to take the lead in the fight for the first place. In 31:49 minutes he was more than a minute faster than his victory a year ago, but had a chance in the duel against Solomun but never a chance.



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Behind the best 15 came the fastest woman. 39:13 minutes Felicitas needed the TuSEM food for the route. The 35-year-old was not so important. She found it on Saturday simply too warm and too oppressive. “This is not my weather,” laughed the victor. The route in the Mülheim Ruhrauen, however, she finds “totally beautiful”. “There was really a lot of trouble with planning and there are enough water places,” said Vielhaber. She described her run as follows: “At the beginning I had a man close by, we always overrun each other, but eventually I set off.” The final part of the event had to be played by the Essener on her own. Her tracker Theresa Lippert from the TG Neuss distanced her by 49 seconds.



A total of 1117 participants took part in the various competitions throughout the day. This time not Dirk Winkelmann. The new chairman of the event organizer TSV Viktoria has already participated several times in the Ruhrauenlauf. “My best time was 37 minutes over ten kilometers,” says Winkelmann proudly. Not bad. This time, the new club boss itched a little, when he was only on the edge of the line. “I’ve run my own round at seven o’clock this morning,” says Winkelmann.



2018 again with dog from OB



The so-called four-leg race has been gaining in popularity for several years now, with runners running either the pram or their dog on the five-kilometer track. Last year, even the mayor of the mayor was present. This time, Ulrich Scholten (SPD) worked only as a shooter of the starting shot. “The next year, my wife is definitely back with us, but we have recently got a new dog, which is still very young and therefore needs to be calmer,” the OB said.



The organizers were satisfied with the day, especially as the weather showed an even better side than predicted. “I had the impression that there was much more going on in front of the stage than in the last few years,” said RWW press secretary Ramon Steggink. A high hurdle for 2018.