Video: 7 Year Old Eritrean Victim of Fire Attack in Switzerland: The difficult Road Back to Recovery



The difficult road back to life of Eritrean 7 Year Old Adiam 



Software  Translation from German | August 14, 2017





A 27-year-old man attacked passengers in a regional train in St. Gallian Salez. He threw liquid fire-accelerator at them, lit it, and stabbed them. He burned the six-year-old girl Adiam from Eritrea hard.



Three people died. The perpetrator was also dead. Four people were seriously injured. The Salez case caused an international outrage in August last year. Much has been speculated, and a terrorist attack was made. A 27-year-old man from the region, who died one day later, proved to be a culprit.



One of his victims is the seven-year-old Adiam. She does not like to talk about the day when her life changed brutally, when she struck a stranger on the train with a liquid and lit it, after which she had to spend months in the children’s hospital in Zurich.



Two months intensive care unit, 36 anesthesia



Adiam was with her mother and her older brother Alexander on the disastrous journey. Alexander, however, was lucky: he was on the toilet at the time of the crime and remained uninjured. Her mother remembers the attack: “I saw the perpetrator at a young woman spraying on the train. I thought it was water. But then he lit them. The woman was on fire. “Adiam sat next to the girl, and suddenly suddenly burned. “I wanted to remove my daughter, but that did not succeed, instead I burned myself on the arm.”



For two months Adiam was in the intensive care unit at the Children’s Hospital Zurich. 30 percent of her bodies was heavily burnt. She has had anesthesia since the accident. Kinderchirurg Clemens Schiestl and his team operated and maintained Adiam: “When a person is injected with a fire accelerator and lit, this is the most catastrophic event.” A major part of the wounds were serious third-degree burns.



Stared and laughed



The way back to life is difficult: Adiam’s scars have to be nurtured, they need therapies and again and again operations. A whole team accompanies the girl on her way back into everyday life. But not only medical care is important. Time and again, there are reactions to Adiam’s damaged skin: nurse Liv Mahrer was on the first day in the nursery school and watched Adiam’s appearance and frightened her classmates.



“It was about the children having to stand up in a two-row row. The child who should have given Adiam his hand was irritated at first and did not want to give the hand. But then another child has placed himself in his place and resolved the situation. “Adiam now feels at the kindergarten, but she always comes back to situations where she is stared or laughed. That makes her sad.



Her mother is very worried: “I am afraid she will have problems because she looks so different. I wish her so much that she can train and live a happy life. “She is also worried because she is a refugee and she can not financially support her daughter.