Video: Eritrean Henok Goitom AIK  Scores Goal Against Kalmar



Henok Goitom AIK  Scores Goal Against Kalmar



Software Translation from Swedish | July 10, 2017

Eritrean Henok Goitom AIK  Scores Goal Against Kalmar

65 minutes without clearance on goal. Since a perfect cross, a joint, then Henok Goitom and AIK had won the game.


– In these types of games, it is very important to score first and when we get the lead, we are very confident, saying the match winner after Goitom 1-0 to Kalmar.



There were no match for the history in some way. It was a bit messy and many duels. A AIK that was very difficult to come to clear chances and the Kalmar who could not manage their.



– It’s a tight game and in all honesty it is a little overweight for Kalmar. But it is usually supposed often look like this. A team is in the ground, the other at the top and then it will be 1-0 for those who are higher up, said AIK coach Rikard Norling.


And the goal came as a bolt from the blue. AIK had two trades, according to statistics, both far above and beyond. But as well Goitom got the chance, it became very easy to hit the target.

– Simple and easy, it depends on how you look at it. It is a very good post by Salétros (Anton) and Eero (Markkanen) joints ball fine, then it’s easy for me, said Henok Goitom and continued:

– But we have trained a lot on where we striker, to always be prepared to get the ball. Eero is really good at finding the right in difficult situations.

Many Kalmar Supporters hoped the whistle for offside, but …

– I did not have full control, their players were, but tried not to be offside.

And it was not Goitom either, Kalmar central defender Marko Biskupovic was not really and stood a few meters further down than his teammates.

After the goal there was no question about it.

– We are very confident when we get the lead. Defense Game is very good, we are very confident in what we’re doing.

Goitom was also very close to 2-0 when he came up alone, but missed the pole out.

– I actually thought it was going to be cases where, but it’s fun to win 1-0, Goitom said with a smile.

Kalmar also had their chances. Mahmoud Eid teaches not sleep well, he got only a neutral position in which he shot over and then another chance.

– Oscar (Linner) makes it really, really well and saves us there, said Goitom.

With victory so hang AIK at the top, while Kalmar continued to receive hunt to reach the tower ground in this year’s Allsvenskan.