3 Eritrean Men Arrested for Carrying Out an Exorcism Practice on a woman

3 Eritrean Men Arrested for Carrying Out an Exorcism Practice on a woman



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www.welt.de | June 26, 2017





They held her tightly, pouring water into her mouth: three men from Eritrea have carried out an exorcism with a woman of the land. The caretaker prevented worse things.



He thought his cousin was possessed by the devil. That is why the Eritrean brought the young woman suffering from a mental illness by train from Bremen to Munich. There they had an appointment on Friday with a countryman, who is called “deacon“. The 23-year-old Eritrean Sammy O., who lives in an urban homeless shelter in Munich , is regarded as an ecclesiastical landlord, and apparently also as an institution in the matter of devil expulsion .



Having arrived at the accommodation, Sammy O. with the cousin and another helper carried out an exorcism on the 20-year-old. They fixed the young woman on the ground, Sammy O. quoted from the Bible and poured water into the mouth of the young woman. A resident heard the shouting that came out of the room, informing the management as well as the caretaker.



The men lack “every sense of wrong”



The caretaker gave himself access to the room where the men were tormenting the woman. The walls of the room were filled with jesus and martyrs, the three devil expedients carrying chains with crosses around their necks, the “deacon” quoted from the Bible.



3 Eritrea Men Arrested for Carrying Out an Exorcism Practice on a woman2



The woman lying on the floor was desperately fighting her tormentors, trying to spit out the water she had been infused. “She rolled her eyes,” the police report said . “Whether this was due to a possible epileptic attack or an oxygen deficiency, is still unclear.” The home management and the caretaker put an end to the spook. And informed the police.



The 20-year-old Eritreer was taken to a hospital. The three Teufela drivers were arrested. “The faithful Christians lack any sense of injustice,” says the Munich police. “From their point of view, they helped the 20-year-olds against their will.” The police are now investigating a dangerous bodily injury.



Source: https://www.welt.de/regionales/bayern/article165934812/Teufelsaustreiber-quaelen-junge-Frau-in-Obdachlosenheim.html