Germany Racist Attack on a Residence of 4 Eritrean Refugees

Germany Racist Attack on a Residence of 4 Eritrean Refugees

Germany Racist Attack on a Residence of 4 Eritrean Refugees



Attack on residential community of refugees



Software Translation from German | June 14, 2017



For Robel T. and his three roommates, it was not a pleasant weekend in their common apartment in Wurzen. They were threatened and offended by unknown men on Friday. On Saturday, windowpanes were thrown in, and a fire flew into Robel’s room. Volunteers came to the rescue. The investigations for serious incendiary incidents run at the operational defenses, but there is criticism of the behavior of the local police.



Ein Mann mit rotem Basecap neben zwei Afrikanern



Already free of charge, the 19-year-old Robel T. and his roommates between the ages of 20 and 27 were offended by the disturbances by the windows of their ground floor apartment, he told the MDR. By the help of an honorary officer and the police, which arrived within a very short time, was soon quiet again.


But it was getting worse on Saturday night. Men struck and kicked windows and apartment doors, throwing windows. A fire attack flew. Robel’s bed was struck. Again, the refugees called the local police, but this time it took longer before the officers arrived. “We were frightened and informed one of our German helpers,” said Robel.


The volunteer then tried to persuade the Wurzen police to come and also ensured that the four Eritreans could be brought to safety. Since the beginning of the week, they have been lodged with friends and the Advent community of Wurzen. One of the four Eritreans is so frightened and disturbed by the events that he wants to leave the city, said Robel.


Eingeworfene Fenster, notdürftig verkleidet



Both nights are same attackers? The OAZ is determined



The press officer of the Operational Defense Center (OAZ) of the Police Directorate, Leipzig, Kathleen Doetsch, at the request of the MDR, said that investigations are being carried out on suspicions of the serious incendiary incitement.



“People were not injured, there was material damage, but the damage levels can not be quantified at the moment.” The investigation has already been carried out on the same object on Friday.



Democracy Network: “Attackers must be punished.”



Glasscherben auf dem Boden eines Zimmers



Ingo Stange works on the network for democratic culture in Wurzen. He said: “Unfortunately, these were not isolated cases, there were massive threats and attacks on refugees in the last year, and many refugees did not have good experiences with police officers in uniform.” They are not taken seriously when they call and ask for help, said Stange. The officials would come in part only when German friends call the refugees. So it was also last Saturday, Bar is safe.