Video: Tekie Killed His Wife in Front of His Children: Sentenced to 19 Years in Swiss Prison



Perpetrator asserts innocence: “I did not kill my wife”



Software Translation from German | May 17, 2017



In the second instance the Solothurner Obergericht had to deal with a gruesome killings in Trimbach.

The 43-year-old Eritrean Tekie T. * in Trimbach killed the mother of his two sons in front of the small children with 20 knife wounds. The Olten-Gösgen district court therefore condemned him to a sentence of imprisonment of 19.5 years in June last year for murder. He appealed and the Solothurner Supreme Court had to deal again with the gruesome killing injustice.



The pleadings before the Supreme Court were not without a certain theatricality. On the one hand, prosecutor Christoph Fricker, who described Tekie T. as a sensitive, unscrupulous and bloodthirsty killer, who was supposed to “lend his victim to the eyes of his two sons” and “be murdered five times bestially.” The prosecution demanded a prison sentence of 19.5 years.

On the other hand, defender Christoph Schönberg spoke of the fact that the deed had happened and that Tekie T. had not planned to kill the mother of his sons. He pleaded for possible deliberate killing; That is, his client had only accepted the fact that the measuring points might possibly be fatal. Schoenberg demanded a sentence of eight years.



Act had not been planned



Tekie T. loved the mother of his two children and wanted to convince her at the meeting, to return to him. There was even a countryman who was to serve as an intermediary. “It was only when he realized that she did not want to know about him anymore, he was in a rage,” the defender argued. “When she missed an earful, he acted in affect.” Two other arguments were presented by Schönberg: Tekie T. had left his victim when she was still alive. And that the two children had to watch the horror was also a clear indication that the act had not been planned.



Tekie Killed His Wife in Front of His Children - Sentenced to 19 Years in Swiss Prison3



The prosecutor spoke of a fivefold, bestial murder. First, Tekie T. stabbed a kitchen knife until the blade broke. Then he hit the knife handle. Then he had kicked his head in the most brutal manner, which was observed by two witnesses. Finally, he had cleared his speedometer, cut open his neck, and stabbed it again until this blade broke. Tekie T. also continued with the handle of this second knife as a fifth step. “The death struggle lasted about 15 minutes. One must imagine the horrible torment and also the traumatic experience of the children who had to watch the carnage. He did not even end with the punishment when the older son asked him. “


A child’s soldier


The second point of accusation was almost lost in these descriptions. Previous there was a rufhandel with fists and feet at the Oltner station. In a final phase, Tekie T. added one of the adversaries with a small blade three serious cuts. The charge was for serious bodily injury. The private prosecutor claimed that Tekie T. had learned the craft of the soldier in Eritrea and had proceeded in close combat to inflict as serious injuries as possible on the victim.

When the defender told of his client’s youth, abysses arose. As an eleven-year-old, Tekie T. was recruited by the rebels in Eritrea as a children’s soldier. On various sides he fought in the wars of the region, saw his comrades die and killed himself, until he managed to desert him in 2004 and escape to Italy.

When President Marcel Kamber gave the defendant the last word, the latter began to criticize the proceedings and asked questions. The judge’s succumbing briefly, declaring the proceedings closed, and Tekie T. began to abuse and exclaim. At that moment, it became clear that, after a brief discussion with the accompanying police, the court had rightly refused, at the beginning of the hearing, the defense’s request to remove the handcuffs from the violator.

While the policemen led Tekie T. from the court with some body attack, he turned to the media representatives in broken German and yellow with anger: “I did not kill my wife. The process is business and the court is about money. “Tekie T. had already said that he had stabbed only four times, the deadly stitches coming from the investigating authorities, who were supposed to have sold the organs of the victim.