Video: Abraham Ukbagabir Convicted Killer May Not be Allowed to Switch Prison

Abraham Ukbagabir Ikea killer may not Switch prison



Software Translation from Swedish | May 4, 2017





Abraham Ukbagabir, 38, who has been convicted of double murder at Ikea in Västerås in 2015, want to change the institution.

After being beaten and threatened in prison on several occasions, he has applied for permission to serve his sentence in Eritrea.

Now the government has rejected his request, according to data to Aftonbladet.




Double murderer Abraham Ukbagabir, 38, would again change institution.

After being beaten on several occasions by other inmates and threatened several times he wants to serve his sentence in Eritrea .



Three different establishments



On August 29 last year Ukbagabir beaten so badly that he was forced to care at the institution Salberga, where he moved just four days earlier to avoid the serious threats made against him in the prison , Kumla .

After obtaining leave the ward at Salberga so he was beaten again and it was planned because of a returnee to Kumla in autumn, 2016.

But instead ended up double murderer in prison Tidaholm.

About a month after moving in to Tidaholm was Ukbagabir again severely beaten by a co-taken.

Threats of rape

Suspicion was directed against the anti-fascist Joel Bjurströmer Almgren, who sat in the same department.

But Correctional could never prove that Bjurströmer Almgren, sentenced to prison after stabbing a Nazi in Kärrtorp 2013, was the one who had assaulted Ikea killer.

Anti Fascist was put in isolation, but because it could not demonstrate that it was he who struck Ukbagabir so lax he further sanctions.



The threats and harassment of Ikea killer is after the last heavy beatings continued.
Among other things, the two other co-captured in Tidaholm threatened to rape him.


Rejection of government

After the coarse violence, threats and intimidation have Abraham Ukbagabir applied to serve the rest of his sentence in Eritrea.



But according to new data Aftonbladet dismissed the government in April Ikea killer application.