Yodit T 26 Arrested for Stabbing and Killing Her 14 Month Old Son in Germany


Yodit Tadese Hiab Rain Tadese



BECAUSE THE BOY SCREAMED SO MUCH? Mother (26) Stabbed her baby


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www.bild.de | April 25, 2017



Yodit T 26 Arrested for Stabbing and Killing Her 4 Month Old Son in Germany



Naumburg – The multi-family house in the Halleschen street looks neat, the staircase is clean, the neighbors friendly. Everything quite normal – would not be the police seal at the apartment on the second floor.

Behind this brown door was a bloody family drama : Mother Yodit T. (26) first her 14-month-old son.



Halleschenstraße Multi-family house



As the police informed only yesterday, a young woman arrives at Naumburg station on Saturday. The Eritrean is wandering, and calling for her child. The alarmed police hands her apartment key. There the officials make a gruesome find: The small Hiab lies in a blood pool. He’s dead, stabbed by his own mother.



Hans-Jürgen Neufang



Prosecutor Hans-Jürgen Neufang (56) on PICTURE: “We determine because of manslaughter. The suspects have given the offense against the police, a detainee has ordered detention. The mother, however, did not admit to the motive. “


The bad suspicion: Stank Yodit T. too, because she was overstrained? A neighbor said, “The child often screamed until midnight, sometimes crawling through the open apartment door through the staircase. The youth office was already there. The father of the child did not live here, but was regularly visited. “

BILD meets Hiab’s father in the refugee home. Friends take care of the desperate man from Eritrea.



Rain Tusfu



The asylum seeker to BILD: “I do not know how this could happen. I was not in the apartment at the time. We have been together for two years and happy … “



Source: http://www.bild.de/regional/leipzig/kindstoetung/hinter-dieser-tuer-erstach-eine-mutter-ihr-baby-51431646.bild.html