Video: Eritreans in Holland are Economic Migrants, Sophia Tesfamariam



Two realities about Eritrea



Software Translation from Dutch | April 19, 2017



Eritreans are Syrians after the largest group of refugees in the Netherlands. According Eden flights Asmerom Eritreans because Eritrea is a dictatorial regime. That’s not true, says Sophia Tesfamariam: Eritreans who come to the Netherlands are economic migrants.



Two women of Eritrean origin with two different realities. Asmerom spokesperson of ECHO, a Dutch platform for opponents of the Eritrean regime. Tesfamariam is an American activist and has close links with the Eritrean rulers.

Eritrea is a small country in the Horn of Africa with 6.5 million inhabitants. The United Nations is the regime guilty of crimes against humanity. Critics crack research and point to lack of evidence. In Eritrea, independent observers and media are not welcome.

It is a peaceful and stable country,” says Tesfamariam. “And in view of the profits from the mining industry, it may even be that many Eritreans return again, because they prefer to live in their homeland.”






Asmerom knows the country Tesfamariam not describe. She points to the many reports, inter alia, the UN, describing Eritrea is a dictatorial regime. “Human rights are violated in a serious way. It is the reason why thousands of people a month to leave the country.”



Demonstrations in Veldhoven



The conflict between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government last weekend led to riots in Veldhoven . What happened in the Brabant town, is an illustration of the enormous struggle that rages about the reality in Eritrea.



According to an inquiry by the United Nations regime guilty 25 years of systematic crimes against humanity , including slavery and torture. The UN country itself could not but concludes that after information and statements of 880 refugees. Therefore get many Eritreans asylum in Europe.





But there are also global Eritreans contradicting the conclusions of the UN. “There is no evidence. There are millions of accusations, but there is no evidence,” says Tesfamariam. Eritreans flee as it only for the money to Europe. “They come here for asylum and economic benefits.”



“Some of the people who say that his regime supporters,” said Asmerom. “Who will defend the dictatorship at all times, that makes sense.” Another part does so according to her because they are put under pressure.



“In addition, a characteristic of a dictatorship that does not look at himself, but the debt looking for someone else. The UN report says enough.”



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes UN report seriously and is concerned about human rights in Eritrea. “But about the situation in the country remains incomplete as long as there are no independent observers be allowed into the country.”



Eritreans in Holland are Economic Migrants, Sophia Tesfamariam