Eritrean Henok Goitom Scores Goal in Today's Sweden AIK vs IFK Norrkoping Match

Video: Eritrean Henok Goitom Scores Goal in Today’s Sweden AIK vs IFK Norrkoping Match



Henok Goitom pay tribute to the cooperation: “Krpic difficult to butting against”


Software Translation from Swedish |  March 26, 2017


Eritrean Henok Goitom Scores Goal in Today's Sweden AIK vs IFK Norrkoping Match


SOLNA. In today’s training match against IFK Norrkoping Henok Goitom made his first start since his return to AIK – and netted directly.
– It was good to score goals, to say Goitom Soccer Channel.



After Henok Goitom recruited back to AIK in late February was the coach Rikard Norling clear that the 32-year-old needed a good starting point for getting started.



Goitom got the jump into Swedish Cup quarter-final against Hacken but missing in the friendly against Sirius last week. Today was Goitom in the starting line-up for the first time since his return when Gnaget genrepade for the Allsvenskan premier to meet IFK Norrköping home at the Friends Arena. Goitom became the scorer directly with his hit in the twelfth minute.



Goitom himself satisfied with his performance against Beijing.



– Good, considering the circumstances. It was good to score goals and play more than 60 minutes to say Goitom Soccer Channel.



– We are sometimes well defensively. Disciplined and compact. Now and then, they had little combination play in front of our back line that we needed to look out for. Since we must probably be a little better at keeping the ball within the team, so we must breathe well. Otherwise it was good.



It’s a week to Allsvenskan premiere. Where do you feel you stand?
– It is not about to adapt tactically because it enters directly. It is rather to adapt physically to the formation, and what is required of it. There is little difference now against 4-4-2 that we played earlier (under Andreas Alm). You have to know when you need to run and when to rest. You have to adapt, but slowly, slowly there.



Goitom believes that he has a bit of a different role now compared to the last days of last sojourn in AIK autumn 2015.



– When playing with (Mohamed) Bangura, he is a ball receiver, which can itself be located a little higher up, and then it automatically becomes a bit more objective when coming closer to the goal. When playing with Kennedy (Igboananike), he is instead an offensive player, then you get a link and Kennedy will make all targets. As it has been on training and the game now today I feel like I’m becoming more of a link player and can come in more andravåg. There is more concentration on defense games. It is a role that is quite fun, I can take both of those roles.



How is it to play with Sulejman Krpic?
– It is good. Slowly but surely, we know where his strengths are. And he’s very humble. He can not speak English, so I get to learn some of his language. But he is good, very responsive. When it gets easier with the language, I think he will be able to tell you a little more of what he likes.



How do you practically to communicate with each other?



– You just have to not be too long sentences in English. All of the handle left and right, first and second pillar and so on. Since it has always Stipe (Vrdoljak) and Nebo (Nebojsa Novakovic) at worst. But it works really great.



– He is such a striker that is hard to butting against. He’s good at it sideways game but can also run behind and so. You have to really be on the ball when you have him around him.



How do you think you stand you as a team for the premiere?
– Defensively, I think it’s very good, and we are getting better and better. I do not think that one can be complete, so it is also good to be getting better and better. Attack The game was a small problem before, but we have taken steps forward there in training. Acquisitions and the old players begin to learn each other’s strengths. Slowly but surely it’s getting better, but we must also become better at keeping the ball within the team.



You played 64 minutes today. Are you ready for 90 minutes next weekend?
– I think you take it as it comes. Every match has its mark. The team has much ball might be bothered a bit more, while perhaps a little less bothered about the need to focus on defense game. I take it as it comes.