Eritrea a Black Star at the African Night (Italian Documentary)

Video: Eritrea a Black Star in the African Night (Italian Documentary)




Eritrea: a black star in the African Night


Software Translation from Italian | February 26, 2017


Eritrea, the plateau and the capital Asmara, the Dankalia, volcanoes and a lake of salt, a coast to hundreds of kilometers along the Red Sea, Massawa, tropical harbor in front of the Dahalak islands. An Africa that is worth visiting and views.


Francesco Cecchini


Eritrea a Black Star at the African Night (Italian Documentary)


Eritrea, an Africa country that still struggle for an autonomous presence in the world against the UN sanctions, against the attempts of invasion, against isolation, interference and for a Horn of Africa free from imperialist meddling . The name derives from the greek Eritrea erythros which means red, in relation to the Red Sea, an old geography book entitled Periplus Maris Erytraei, Periplus of the Red Sea. The name was then taken up by Italian colonialists.


Today the red word can have different meanings symbolically. In fact, Eritrea is a red spot on the African continent. Every year, 1 September, Eritrean people on the anniversary of the beginning of the liberation struggle sings: “Segun Besai! Forward comrades! Wot n Hafash! Victory to the people!”
“ERITREA, A STAR IN THE NIGHT OF AFRICA” is a documentary film produced by investigative journalist Fulvio Grimaldi tells the plurienallea Liberation of the Eritrean people by the Ethiopian domination supported in various stages before the United States, then the USSR, including Cuba . it is then told the story of Eritrean independence, ratified by referendum in 1993, to the present day, Italy’s heritage, of which Eritrea became the first colony in Africa at the end of ‘1800,