Eritrean and Afghan Migrants Clash in Germany Refugee Shelter, 6 Injured

Eritrean and Afghan Migrants Clashes in Germany Refugee Shelter


Eritrean and Afghan Migrants Injured after Clashes in a German Refugee Shelter


Up to 20 inhabitants went into a Leipzig accommodation for underage refugees with bed sheets and even knives. The police confirmed this at the request of the LVZ. Six young people were injured. | January 20, 2017


Leipzig . It was probably the heaviest conflict in shared accommodation for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in the Connewitzer Prinz-Eugen-Straße: Up to 20 residents went on Thursday afternoon with Bettlatt s and even knives at each other, the police confirmed on request of the LVZ. Six refugees were injured.


It was around 1.30 pm, when a home caretaker struck the police alarm. According to the first findings, a verbal dispute had escalated massively. Suddenly, ten to twenty adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17 beat each other. How many residents were directly involved or were only present, is still being determined. According to police, they were refugees from Eritrea on the one hand and Afghans on the other. Five Eritreans and one Afghan were injured – how difficult, the police could not say yet.


Police and rescue workers


Several radio police cars drove to the crime scene, even service dogs were used. There were also numerous rescue cars on site. Officials described the mood as extremely aggressive. First of all, the forces were able to end the mass strike. After an hour and a half, the first forces could be withdrawn.


In the evening, however, an argument broke out again in the refugee camp. The police also tried, in consultation with the foreigners’ authority, to distribute the conflict parties to different lodgings in order to avoid further escalation. At first there were no arrests. The investigation into the background and individual suspects continues.


In the past few months, unaccompanied, underage foreigners have been living in the accommodation since August 2015, and there have been frequent disputes between residents of different nationalities. In June 2016, a guardian (49) was attacked and injured when she wanted to settle a dispute between two 16-year-olds from Afghanistan and the Gambia for cigarettes.


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