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He strangled his girlfriend – gets 16 years in prison | January 19, 2017


Brhane Killed His Girlfriend and Received 16 Years Prison Sentence


Serbe Brhane wanted to marry his girlfriend to get a residence permit in Sweden – but girlfriend got cold feet.

One evening last summer, the couple began arguing about marriage – and Serbe Brhane strangled her to death.

Then he put her up in the shower, with a power cord around the neck, to make it look like suicide.

Serbe Brhanes convicted of murder – and now tightened the punishment to 16 years in prison and lifetime expulsion.


On July 24, 2016 murdered Serbe Brhane, 28, his 31-year-old girlfriend.


He strangled her to death before he hung her up in the shower with a power cord around his neck. The verdict was announced in Gällivare District Court on November 17 :

Prison for 14 years for murder, and expulsion with prohibition to return to Sweden.

But Serbe Brhane judgment , and wanted to be freed of murder. Instead, he wanted to be sentenced for assault and manslaughter. He meant that he assaulted his girlfriend when they quarreled, and she associated with it suffered an illness that she died of.

Ville acquitted of murder

For it, he wanted to have a reduced prison sentence, and that deportation would be stopped.

On Wednesday the Court of Appeal announced its verdict: the prison sentence being tightened to 16 years instead of 14. The Court of Appeal upheld the District Court of lifetime expulsion.



– I find it hard doomed. It is abundant the metered penal value that was reached, says Brhane’s defense lawyer Magnus Söderlind to NSD .


The Court of Appeal: The intention was to kill
The Court of Appeal to exclude girlfriend died of something other than Serbe Brhane’s strypvåld, and states that she did not die of any disease.


They argue that Serbe Brhanes electric cable tied around his girlfriend’s neck just to strangle her, and not to get her alleged sjukdomsdöd to look like suicide.

“The purpose of the restriction can not reasonably have been anyone but that she would die,” the Court of Appeal judgment.

Would marry to stay in Sweden

Serbe Brhane came to Sweden 22 July 2014 and applied for a residence permit. From where he is going is not clear and there is information on Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea. Ethiopia, however, the country decided that he should be deported to.

On September 11, 2015, he was denied a residence permit and it was decided that he would be expelled. Serbe Brhane appeal, but the appeal was rejected.


In spring 2016, he went along with his girlfriend, whom he met a year earlier, the Swedish Migration Board. They told me that they would stay together and that they would marry. If they would marry would Serbe Brhane then apply for a residence permit relative in Sweden. The girlfriend had a residence permit.

Hung up his girlfriend in the shower

But a few months later regretted his girlfriend out, and said she doesn’t want to marry Serbe Brhane yet. She wanted to wait with the wedding, at least for a few months.

The relationship became strained, seen from the right documents. The evening July 24, 2016, they began arguing about their future together, and the marriage.

The last thing you know Serbe Brhane told his girlfriend before the murder recorded on his own phone:



– I’m not cattle, you can manipulate as you wish. I am a human being. Okay?

The fight escalated and ended with Serbe Brhane strangled his girlfriend in the bedroom with an electric cable. Then he put her up in the shower, with a cable around her neck, to make it look like a suicide.

He tried to lift her with a chair in around 30 minutes. The judgment of the district court, it says:

“He gave up trying to make it look like a suicide after he took the chair away.”

left Sweden

After Serbe Brhane decided to leave Kiruna. He packed a bag with his girlfriend’s phone, Ipad, ID and bank card and left home in Kiruna. The next morning, he took the train to Dubai, and from there the bus to Umeå. There, he took the money out of the dead girlfriend’s bank card, to then take the train to Gothenburg to Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Frankfurt. He arrived on July 27th.

At the same time his girlfriend’s dead body was discovered by police in Kiruna. First suspected that it was a suicide.



From Germany held Serbe Brhane contact with acquaintances in Sweden, who urged him to contact the police. He went himself to the police in Franfurt and said he killed his girlfriend . He was arrested.

“Would kill himself”

“He fled because he had taken another life. He went to the police in Frankfurt because he was not feeling well and he had thoughts of suicide.


He did not hurt himself, and therefore he stated himself to the police. He was afraid he would kill himself, “writes the court of appeal.
On August 18, he arrived in Sweden again, after being extradited by the German police.

In addition to the prison sentence and deportation should Serbe Brhane pay 218,747 and 268,747 kronor in damages to his girlfriend’s two daughters, living in Eritrea.

Serbe Brhane has the Migration Board stated that he is married and has children in Sudan.



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