Eritrean Mass Fight at a Wedding

Video: Eritrean Mass Fight at a Swiss Wedding: Who is Responsible For the Cost of a Large Police Use


Video: Eritrean Mass Fight at a Swiss Wedding: Who is Responsible For the Cost of a Large Police Use | December 17, 2016


Who is responsible for the large police use because of a mass fight at an Eritrean wedding in Aarau Rohr in September? The Aargau government now lists the costs and says: The couple are innocent.


The case made headlines: In September, at the wedding of Eritrean couple with approximately 300 guests in pipe to a mass brawl , the police had to march out with 25 patrols. The SVP Councilor, Regina Lehmann, said: “What this police charge had cost and whether it was billed to the bridal couple from Eritrea the government council wanted to know.


The police arrived with a large squad.


The billing is as follows: costs of exactly 7112 francs, 4980 francs for the cantonal police and 2132 francs for the help of regional police. And no, these costs are not charged to anyone. This is only possible in certain exceptional cases, and such a special effort according to the Police Act is not the case here, the Governing Council notes in the reply to the interpellation of Regina Lehmann. The bride and groom could not be accused of unlawful conduct, it does not indicate that the bride groom had caused the mass strife. In addition, the government estimates the expenditure for answering the advance to 789 francs.


Eritrean Mass Fight at a Wedding


The young Eritreans are a growing problem” , said Toni Locher, honorary consul of Eritrea, in Septmeber to az. They were frustrated because they could not realize their dreams. The escape into alcohol as frequent means to forget – also because the order hand of the family is missing.


The fight had also looked for in the vicinity. Because many dark-skinned people were on the way, the residents were clearly frightened, as they said. (Mou / jk)


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