Video: Eritrean Migrants in Italy Block Traffic in Protest to Be Transferred to another Country




The Protest of Eritrean Refugees Unleashes the Anger of Italian Politicians in Verona | December 1, 2016


Eritrean Migrants in Italy Block Traffic in Protest to Be Transferred to another Country

Protest staged unleash Tuesday controversy in Verona , where 29 Eritrean refugees have blocked the traffic and asked to be resettled in Europe.

The protest organized by a group of “asylum seekers” took place yesterday in Verona is the most obvious example of the failure of the immigration policies of the Government Renzi.
Billionaire expenses borne by the public, records of 170,000 arrivals in Italy in the current year , slowness in the procedures of acceptance of applications for refugee status, ricollocamenti firm, surveys of all on the business: these are the “successes” of Renzi Alfano Government. It serves discontinuities. As long as we do believe that everything is due to migrants will send a dangerous and wrong message. The protest staged in Verona is just the latest in a long line. Migrants who commit crimes should be deported. With this government we are pampered and protected. It is a disgrace that must end soon.

These are the words of the senator of the Northern League Paolo Tosato. Concept reiterated on Facebook by another MEP from the Northern League, Lorenzo Fontana. 

There can not be that citizens remain blocked by an unauthorized demonstration staged by fake refugees: we demand that the responsible immigrants are denounced and immediately repatriated to Africa, at their expense!

Duro also the comment of the same mayor of Verona, and secretary of Fare !,  Flavio Tosi. 

We turned immediately to the Head and to the prefect asking forcefully that the Eritrean refugees who were doing a road block were immediately moved: are ineligible violent actions like the occupation of a road on the part of people who are here today as guests on our territory. These are people that have been received and are housed at the community’s expense and for that, as I have asked the prefect from the moment of their settlement in Costagrande, who do not behave properly and creates hardships to be put off by the security programs and outside Verona

Even the vice-president of the Regional Council and member of Forza Italy, Massimo Giorgetti, intervenes on the matter, taking the opportunity in turn to attack the government. 

Rest thrilled to assist in a demonstration of people who have been accepted and placed in a beautiful place like Costagrande and instead of thanking manifests occupying the streets because they wants to leave. These are desperate people fleeing the war? To me they seem pretensions least excessive, given that our country has made huge efforts to meet the needs of these people, for whom I have the greatest respect humanely, but I have had very more than was really necessary.
However I do see that Renzi has managed the incredible feat of having angered simultaneously all Italians on the bad management of migrants and refugees themselves, who now poured into the streets asking to leave our country .

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