Eritrea / Egypt: Creation of Joint Military Command Post in the Red Sea

Eritrea / Egypt: Cairo and Asmara discussing the creation of a joint military command post in the Red Sea | November 29, 2016


Eritrea and Egypt - Creation of Joint Military Command Post in the Red Sea


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has received this Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at the headquarters of the presidency in Heliopolis, the President of Eritrea , Isaias Afewerki. They discussed the evolution of the current policy at regional and international levels, and discussed ways to strengthen relations between the two countries on issues of common interest.


Egypt has historical links with Eritrea and had the biggest role in the support and backing of the Eritrean revolution until the completion of the Eritrean national independence, and had been a home for the leaders of the revolution (Idris Mohamed Adam, Ibrahim Sultan) and an opportunity for students. Cairo had watched on strong relationships with Eritrean revolutionary factions throughout the duration of the armed struggle. After liberation Cairo had contributed to the cost of the referendum. An Egyptian delegation paid an official visit to Eritrea , had laid a solid foundation for the development of relations and development of cooperation between the two countries in all future fields.


the relationship between the two countries not new but dates back over 3,000 years starting from the time of the Nubian pharaohs and kingdoms who traded throughout the Nile and the Red Sea to reach the Egyptian beaches and -delà of Eritrea in Djibouti and Somalia.


Egypt had a strong interest in the case of Eritrea, from the forties. Egypt made the Cairo headquarters of the foundation of the Eritrean Liberation Front in July 1960 and opened a primary section of the leaders of the revolution in 1954 in Cairo to be a future platform for the Eritrean revolution.


After independence Egypt had offered much assistance to Eritrea through the Egyptian fund for technical cooperation with Africa. Especially the training of Eritrean officials and the development of irrigation systems in agriculture.


Cairo The media, however, that the two presidents are expected to discuss the creation of a post of joint military command to the Red Sea in the fight against terrorism. As a country located on the Red Sea, the strengthening of cooperation between Egypt and Eritrea Security, diplomacy, economy and military is vital to the security of the busiest seaway in world.


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