Video: Eritrea – A German Documentary Film


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Video: Eritrea – A German Documentary Film


Before the Second World War was an Italian colony Eritrea, after it came under Ethiopian rule. Only in 1993 the East African country became independent with its present neighbor after a 30-year war. Since then, it has become quiet around Eritrea. It was precisely his magic and his wealth that had exposed the country to so many wars and conflicts. Its wild beauty has been almost untouched by tourism.


Large parts of Eritrea are inaccessible without special permission until today. The filmic journey through Eritrea conveys a new image of the country. Portrays a unique and special country out of the usual Africa clichés.


The journey leads from the cool Abyssinian highlands above the tropical hot coastal areas to temperate “Lowlands”. Eritrea’s landscapes are spectacular. The country consists of four climatic zones each with completely different vegetation. It offers fascinating and largely unexplored archaeological sites, pristine nature and nine ethnic groups each with its own language and culture.


The most impressive however are the encounters with the people: monks in the 2,400 meter high orthodox monastery Debre Bizen that never leave their mountain, women, Who live their own lives after the loss of their husbands, Muslims and Christians who live together in friendship, villagers who, in the shadow of a huge mulberry fig tree, discuss their problems, and stonemasons who can interpret the sound of the stones.


 Eritrea - A German Documentary Film