Video | Brutal Fight Between an Eritrean (19) and a Somali (18): Somali Found Stabbed in the Neck, Ears and Eyelids



Video | Brutal Fight Between an Eritrean (19) and a Somali (18):  Somali Found Stabbed in the Neck, Ears and Eyelids

Victim (18) tortured: cut off the eyelids and ears, stung in the neck and eyeballs | October 12, 2016


Brutal Fight Between an Eritrean 19 and a Somali 18 - Somali Found Stabbed in the Neck, Ears and Eyelids


What on Monday in the police report yet read as “violent incident two young men in Schlüchtern”, is actually a case of torture and unbelievable brutality. As the spokesman for the prosecutor Hanau, Jürgen Heinze morning on demand of Osthessen | NEWS confirmed, the 18-year-old victim eyelids, ears and nostrils were cut or bitten and stabbed in the neck and in the eyeballs. The suspect is 19 years old and comes from Eritrea, the victim from Somalia, both asylum seekers who live in privately Obertorstraße, but are not housed in the same building. 


Both asylum seekers live in private …Photos: Hans-Hubertus Braune

The Tatwohnung is sealed


As Attorney Heinze further reported that the backgrounds are indeed still far from clear, the investigation stood still in its infancy. The Hanau prosecutor and the judicial police Gelnhäuser go but out of an attempted homicide. A local resident in the Obertorstraße had on Friday called the police about 2 am, after hearing from an apartment in the house loud screams. “I have just watched TV and wanted to go to bed. Suddenly I heard loud screams. Stop it, stop it. I immediately called the police”, told us the neighbor.You and another residents describe the alleged perpetrator as a “nice, quiet man”. You have something not given him credit.



The police officers had initially break down the door and found against the alleged perpetrators and its victims, as this just the kitchen knife was stabbed in the neck. The victim was critically injured in a specialized clinic. Is not yet clear whether the young man keeps his eyesight or blind due to the injury. The victim is not interrogated and can not contribute to the elucidation of the horrible deed at the time. The 19-year-old suspects made previously not have a motive. He was brought at the request of the Hanau prosecutor investigating magistrate and was ordered a detention.


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