Video: 9 Eritrean Migrants Saved from Freezing to Death in a Truck


Twelve refugees saved from freezing to death in a Truck | September 28, 2016

In the Belgian port Zeebrugge twelve refugees rescued from a truck where they certainly six hours frozen sandwiches layers at a temperature of minus 25 degrees on one charge. The truck was on its way to Norway, but would only last Friday with a boat.

One of the refugees in the cargo made an emergency call with his phone. In it he talked about “killing”. The police went looking for the refrigerated transport and found it nine men from Eritrea and three from Syria.

9 Eritrean Migrants Saved from Freezing to Death in a Truck


They were hidden in a space of barely half a meter between the load and the roof. If the police had not found, they were transporting certainly not survive.

One of the refugees were taken to the hospital with hypothermia, from which he was later fired. The refugees were in Belgium helped by smugglers in the cargo area.

It happens more often that people smugglers use refrigerated transport to hide refugees. Which are less frequently monitored. The risks for the victims they seem little to attract.

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