Video: 23-Yr-old Eritrean Mother Arrested For Strangling and Killing Her 3 Year Old Child

Eritrean Mother charged For Strangling Her Three Year Old Child


23-year-old woman told police that she had strangled her three-year old child | July 28, 2016



23-Yr-old Eritrean Mother Arrested For Strangling and Killing Her 3 Year Old Child


A mere three-year boy was found dead Wednesday in Sanddalsparken in Svendborg Denmark.


The child’s mother, who had been alone present in the apartment with the child in the morning, could not account for the child’s sudden death and came with several different explanations for what might have happened, writes Funen Police in a press release.


At the end of the interview she told However, through her interpreter, that she had strangled her child, and she was arrested.


– She has not yet given any explanation as to why she smothered her baby, says Henrik Justesen, deputy police inspector and head of investigations.


Moderen boede med sin mand og to sønner i en lejlighed i Sanddalsparken. Foto: Anita Graversen


Autopsy confirms explanation

Police also do not know how the boy was strangled.


The woman, who is from Eritrea, produced in hearings 14.30, where the prosecution will request the doors closed.


– This is for the sake of the relatives – father and another child – and because there are people that need to be questioned, says Henrik Justesen, who also adds that despite the mother’s confession still many things that police should investigate.


The information from the 23-year-old woman is consistent with the autopsy of the child have shown that the cause of death was asphyxiation. There was also no immediate signs of violence.


According to Ekstra Bladet information is the couple’s second child, also a boy.


Summoned by ambulance
Police had received news of the death at 13:40 by ambulance staff who had been summoned by the family. They tried in vain to revive the boy.


– Ambulance staff find it strange that a child of three years suddenly dies, and therefore they send us, says deputy police inspector.


But because communication with the 23-year-old was severe – she speaks only Eritrean language – and due to her changing explanations, it was not until the evening that the police could find that their suspicions proved correct.


Sanddalsparken where the woman lived with the three-year boy, her husband and another child in eastern Svendborg.


Hidden victim
According to a local resident was Emergency Services and an ambulance on site yesterday afternoon. Soon after the police arrived, and a man and a woman were led out of the apartment and driven away.


Ekstra Bladet following the case …


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