2016 Eritrea Sawa 29th Round National Service Military Parade

Video: 2016 Eritrea Sawa – 29th Round National Service Military Parade

Video:  2016 Eritrea Sawa –  29th Round National Service Military Parade



Sawa, 15 July 2016 – Members of the 29th round National Service graduated today and the 7th Eri-Youth Festival got underway today with patriotic zeal in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, Ministers, Army Commanders, Regional administrators, senior Government and PFDJ officials as well as national association heads and thousands of citizens from inside the country and abroad.

In a speech he delivered at the graduation ceremony, President Isaias congratulated the graduating batch and parents. He also expressed appreciation to all those who organized the special event.

The President noted that short of an educated youth nurtured both physically and mentally, nation building and development is unthinkable. He further underlined that the struggle in the past quarter of a century to ensure the nation’s sovereignty and development was mainly focused on laying strong foundation for generations to come and that such a task was a pre-requisite.

The Commander of the Sawa National Service Training Center, Col. Debesai Gide on his part congratulated the graduates and the staff of the Center for their dedication. He also called on the graduates to live up to expectations and demonstrated efficiency in the domain they are assigned.

He pointed out that the 14 thousand graduates, out of whom 48% are females are from 94 secondary schools nationwide, who subsequently pursued their 12th grade education and military training.

Also speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of the National Union of Eritrea Youth and Students, Mr. Saleh Ahmedin said that the dedication and perseverance which the Eritrean youth demonestrated in the past quarter century vis-a-vis foiling external hostilities focused on laying a strong foundation for the bright future of generations. He went on to emphasize that the Festival is a stepping stone in which youths renew their pledge to reinforce active participation in nation-building endeavors.

The event marking the graduation of the 29th round members of the National Service and the opening of the 7th Eri-Youth Festival witnessed added color with military parades and cultural shows. Prizes were handed out to students who demonestrated excellence in their studies and training and to dedicated members of the Training Center.

The youth festival would continue until July 17 with Exhibition, Bazaar and innovation displays as well as seminars, Soira and Sawa awards and other activities.

 2016 Eritrea Sawa 29th Round National Service Military Parade