Video: Two Eritreans Found Dead Murdered, 11 Eritreans Arrested on Suspicion


Two Eritreans Found Dead in North Zealand, Denmark | July 7, 2016

Two people, a woman and a man found dead in Frederiksværk, North Zealand. A total of eleven people have been arrested and will be questioned in the case, said North Zealand Police in a press release.

There is no doubt that the woman has been murdered. The man’s death we are investigating still as a suspicious death, says Henrik Gunst at police in North Zealand.

The man was found in a forest on Wednesday afternoon, and after talking with several people also found the woman dead in a house nearby. The victims reported to come from Eritrea, and even those arrested appear to come from there.

Two Eritreans Found Dead in Denmark, 11 Eritreans Arrested on Suspicion

Evidence suggests that there is a connection between the deaths, and it is now our task to find out what happened and why. We have some theories on the subject, says Gunst.

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