Video: Thousands of Eritreans Demonstrate in Geneva Against the UN


Thousands of Eritreans demonstrate in Geneva against the UN

Several thousand Eritreans have protested on Tuesday at the Place des Nations in Geneva against a UN report which strongly criticized the Eritrean government. The demonstrators came from many European countries and even from Canada. | June 21, 2016

According to the organizers, marched around 10,000 people in front of the Geneva UN headquarters, the police estimated the number of participants in 3000 to 4000. The UN report on Eritrea was biased and full of lies, they said. He also put in question whether Ethiopia today actually still in the war was against Eritrea.

Thousands of Eritreans Demonstrate in Geneva Against the UN

"If Ethiopia were to stop its opposition policy towards Eritrea, we could take care back to ourselves," defended a government advocates the human rights situation in Eritrea over the news agency sda.

Created the document has a commission for Eritrea, which was created in 2014 by the UN Human Rights Council to reports of arbitrary detention and sexual violence to get to the bottom. A first paper, which was published in July 2015, had already reported about massive human rights violations and providing for lively discussions.

The human rights situation has not improved since the first report, the team had held in early June at the Australian jurist Mike Smith. Contrary to some assertions of the Eritrean regime exists, for example, the requirement for long-term military service according to the Commission as before.

The absence of democratic institutions in the country to broadcast on a "climate of impunity" for crimes against humanity for 25 years, it is said in the report. "These crimes are still taking place," Smith said.

Thus people are for the atrocities to the top level of the state and the only party responsible, and above all the security forces and the top leaders of the military. (SDA)

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