Swiss Justice Minister: Eritrean Asylum Seekers on Holiday to Asmara Will Lose Their Status


Eritreans on leave: Asylum seekers on holiday Vacation Will Lose their status | June 10, 2016

Refugees who took holiday vacation to their home country will lose their status in Switzerland. Justice Minister Sommaruga wants to enforce the prohibition of home leave with a revision of the law.

Asylum seekers who travel on holiday in their homeland should lose their status in Switzerland. It was confirmed by Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga on Monday during question time in the National Council. The State Secretariat for Migration have knowledge of the trips to the Eritrean National fest respectively on 24 May. In the vast majority but it might not be either asylum seekers or recognized refugees, but Eritreans who lived for some time in Switzerland or were naturalized, she said to a question from Andrea Geissbühler (svp., Bern).

Swiss Justice Minister Eritrean Asylum Seekers on Holiday to Asmara Will Lose Their Status

Recognised refugees are prohibited such vacations. If it is established that someone had gone back to the home country, or there is a suspicion that a process would be carried out, to withdraw the refugee status or to revoke the asylum. Probably until the summer Sommaruga wants the Federal Council to submit a legislative adjustment, with the travel ban can be better enforced.

Switzerland would like to strengthen the migration dialogue with Eritrea, the justice minister said on a question by Thomas Aeschi (svp., Train). However, Eritrea did not meet the conditions. Requirement would be a minimum of rule of law and cooperation in identifying, procuring replacement documents and when returning. Appropriate efforts were so far gone unanswered. The Federal Council would be prepared with a view to a readmission agreement to consider enhanced cooperation, Sommaruga said.

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