Hailab Haile Convicted as a Rapist Sent to Prison for 8 Years

Hailab Haile Sent to Prison for 8 Years for Attempted Rape

Hailab Haile Convicted as a Rapist Sent to Prison for 8 Years

Convicted rapist labelled a 'danger to women' after mum feared she would be 'raped and killed'


www.stokesentinel.co.uk | May 7, 2016


SEX beast Hailab Haile has been labelled a 'danger to women' after leaving a mother-of-three fearing she would be 'raped and killed'.


The 34-year-old lured the woman back to his Hanley home after a night out in the Burton Stores and Franky's Bar.


She eventually managed to get out of Haile's house after earlier failing to escape from a living room window.


But Haile followed his victim and grabbed her as he tried to force her into a secluded area.


The woman's top came off in the struggle and she ran away wearing just her bra.


Now Haile – who arrived in Stoke-on-Trent from Eritrea – is today starting an eight-year extended sentence. He had been convicted of causing actual bodily harm and assault with intent to commit a sexual offence.


Northampton Crown Court heard convicted rapist Haile was determined to have sex with his victim.


Jailing Haile, Judge Timothy Smith said: "You are a danger to women and I must take the appropriate step to address that danger.


"You have committed a succession of offences against women. But for her lucky escape, your victim would have been raped.


"Sex was what you wanted, not what she wanted. That is what you were determined to get even if it required the use of force to do so."


The court heard the woman was in a 'vulnerable' state when she met Haile at the Burton Stores.


'She is petrified when she sees a black man in the street'


They later left Franky's Bar together and Haile agreed to call a taxi for her from his Windlass Grove home.


But the defendant did not call a taxi and locked her in the house as he left to buy alcohol.


The woman managed to escape but was grabbed in Bucknall Road and suffered cuts to her lip and bruises to her face, buttocks and legs.


Prosecutor Henry James said: "The victim suffers from problems sleeping, being tearful and crying


"She is also petrified when she sees a black man in the street and has made comments such as 'I don't feel like living anymore'.


"Her concern was that she would be raped and killed by this man."


The court was told that Haile has worked as a kitchen cleaner in prison as he awaited sentence.


Delroy Henry, mitigating, said: "While in custody he has engaged in learning, such as in English, maths and the arts. This shows he does have some commendable human traits.


"The sad reality is he is relatively alone, albeit he is married with children, who are in Africa with no intention of coming to the UK."


Staffordshire Police today welcomed the sentence.


Detective Constable Karen Wild said: "The woman in this case has shown great strength and dignity.


"It has led to Hailab Haile being jailed for this despicable crime."


Source: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Convicted-rapist-labelled-danger-women-mum-feared/story-29240274-detail/story.html