Video: Eritrean Migrant Joined ISIS While Studying at UK’s Nottingham University


ISIS Files: The Families UK Jihadis Left Behind


Sky News knocks on the doors of addresses in the documents and finds relatives of British recruits are confused by their leaving.


Ibrahim Kabir Sadiq comes from an Eritrean Christian family


By Mark White | | May 5, 2016


Sixty-three of the jihadis listed in the thousands of IS files obtained by Sky News swapped lives in the UK for the battlefields of Syria and Iraq.


Half of those are from London – with some linked to Islamic State's most shocking crimes.


Over a number of weeks, Sky News knocked on the door of every address in the capital that we linked to the files.


This provoked various reactions; some were shocked, some angry and some upset.


Many of the families claimed they had no idea why their loved one had turned their back on them and some had even risked their lives trying to get them back.


We also discovered some distinct themes; most who joined Islamic State were from immigrant or refugee backgrounds.


More surprisingly, perhaps, was that nearly all of the extremists we investigated were well-educated and gave up promising lives in the capital.


Ibrahim Kabir Sadiq comes from an Eritrean Christian family who fled the conflict there and, as refugees, resettled in North London.


Sadiq stunned his parents when he converted to Islam while studying Economics at Nottingham University.


In a video he made about his newfound faith, he said: "After converting to Islam, my family weren't happy. They're still not happy."


Those closest to Sadiq told Sky News how he has tried to lure others to join him fighting in Syria.


A close friend said: "I've spoken to him while he was out there and he said to me 'come over'. But, I don't believe in the things he believes in.




Eritrean Migrant Joined ISIS While Studying at UK's Nottingham University