Eritrean Wiam (16) is the New Queen of Youth UNICEF Netherlands

Eritrean Wiam (16) is the New Queen of Youth UNICEF Netherlands

Wiam Abdelnour from Rheden is the new Queen of Youth UNICEF | April 7, 2016


ARNHEM / RHEDEN –  Wiam Abdel Nour, 16 years from Rheden, on Saturday, April 2nd has won the UNICEF Children's Rights Debate Tournament. With this she became Queen of Youth. This debate this year was held in Gymnasium Arnhem where about 300 young people debated among other children.


In the speech she cut Wiam discrimination on the theme. "There is still a lot of discrimination being bullied in the Netherlands and many children. If you are discriminated against, then you realize: this I do not deserve. Every child is as good as anyone else, "said the newly crowned queen Wiam. If the youth queen want them stop by children he feel discriminated against and politicians then to raise the issue. The new Queen of Youth was crowned by the former King of Youth, Stijn Harder.


In addition to the election of the Queen of the Youth debated about three hundred young students about children today. Theses went on a ban on candy commercials and the rights of refugee children in the Netherlands. Between 60 debate teams from around the country went there inspired at today. Dozens of volunteers judged the many debates. They pointed the eight best schools to:


The eight winning schools are
– Den Bosch Gymnasium Team 1 
– Gouda, Coornhert Gymnasium Team 1 
– Amsterdam, Vossiusgymnasium Team 1 
– Papendrecht, William the Silent College Team 2 
– Arnhem, Gymnasium Team 2 
– Venray, Raayland College 
– Haarlem, Mendelcollege Team 1 
– Bergschenhoek, Wolfert Lyceum


The eight winning schools will all be offered training and debate allowed on September 16 with Small Budget Day, the Friday before Budget Day, debate with MPs.


By participating in the UNICEF Children's Rights Debate Tournament and the election of the Queen of the Youth children learn to express their opinion. That is one of the most important rights under the UN Convention. UNICEF Netherlands is organizing the debate tournament with the Dutch National Debate Institute. With approximately 300 members it is the largest debate tournament for young high school students.


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Wiam Abdelnour (16) uit Rheden bij het UNICEF Debattoernooi. Foto: Marco de Swart


Debate Queen Wiam Abdelnour (16) from Rheden binds battle with discrimination | April 7, 2016


ARNHEM – The 16-year-old Wiam Abdelnour from Rheden may call herself the next year Queen of Youth. She was the best speaker at the UNICEF Children's Rights Debate Tournament held Saturday at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem. She wants to ask the next year focus on discrimination.


In her speech, the newly crowned queen Wiam Abdelnour cut the theme of 'discrimination' on. A problem which they themselves in elementary school also had to do, and that in its gets too little attention. 


'Bullied to my skin'
"At primary school I was teased for few years because of my skin color," says Wiam. "Discrimination is seen as a way of bullying. But bullying is different. Discrimination comes to who you really are and that is why it has a great impact on the rest of your life. "


visit schools
Wiam, herself a pupil at the Municipal Gymnasium in Arnhem, says now not bothered to have more of the fact that she has been bullied in the past. "I knew what I had to deal with it and I also have some of said at one point." Wiam wants to visit in the coming year schools to talk about discrimination and children look up who feel discriminated against. 


small Budget Day
On Small Budget Day on September 16, the Friday before Budget Day, Wiam holds as Queen of the Youth in the Knights a self-written speech from the throne on children for MPs and ministers.


The new Queen of Youth was crowned by the former King of Youth, Stijn Harder. 


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