Swiss Politicians Back from Eritrea Met Justice Minister Sommaruga

Swiss Politicians Back from Eritrea Met  Justice Minister Sommaruga

After meeting with Sommaruga: "We have agreed" Claim Eritrea Travel Group | March 9, 2016


Several politicians called for an East-trip a meeting with Justice Minister Sommaruga. This has taken place. However, the parties do not want to talk about it.


An open letter, a press conference, innumerable interviews in newspapers and television: The Aargauer Councillor Susanne Hochuli (Green) and the National Councils Christian Wasserfallen (FDP), Claude Béglé (CVP) and Thomas Aeschi (SVP) left this February no stone unturned to make their trip to Eritrea medial staging.


Your Tenor was always the same: The situation in the East African dictatorship is much better than it was portrayed by the Department of Asylum Minister Simonetta Sommaruga.


A controversial finding, if they correspond to the facts: For no other country, Switzerland recorded more asylum applications from Eritrea.


In a letter the tour group demanded a meeting with Sommaruga to recite the Federal Councillor their demands: the sending of a fact-finding delegation to Eritrea, a "permanent presence" in the capital Asmara, the launch of a development assistance program and a migration partnership.


Yesterday evening the meeting with Sommaruga occurred as National Aeschi confirmed. But do not want to talk about the participants: "We have agreed."


The reasons for the sudden secrecy we can only speculate. Fact: In the eyes Sommaruga and their experts the tour group is swept with too idyllic ideas home. Eritrea likes to make a decent picture to tourists. The human rights situation in the dictatorship is still considered precarious.




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