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Refugee Documentary "My Escape"  

"They take the kidney out for those who can't pay" | February 15, 2016

A 35-year-old Wedi, a musician from Eritrea has experienced this first hand: "In the Sahara, we were attacked by bandits," he says.

All lost their last possessions. "Then, the tractor came and redeemed us." That was luck. Who could not pay, the'll ever removed the kidney, he says. The traffickers with guns has secretly filmed the refugee – a dangerous undertaking.

Later Wedi took on a huge hall in Libya, a stopover for thousands of people. He endured there four months until his family had the money for the journey across the Mediterranean. "If you do not pay, you will be beaten." Often the relatives sold their house or borrow money from their neighbors to raise the necessary sum. You realize then the risk you are in. Musicians Wedi fled from compulsory military service in Eritrea.

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Eritrean Migrants Documentary My Escape