Video: Swiss Politician Back from Eritrea with a Very Positive Impression


Switzerland should Start dialogue with Eritrea

The green Aargauer Councillor Susanne Hochuli, who has visited with a group of politicians Eritrea, has returned on Saturday to Switzerland. After landing at Zurich airport, she described their many positive impressions to media representatives. | February 14, 2016

(Sda) "I do not comment and I will not jump to conclusions political", emphasized the social director at the beginning of their performance at Zurich Airport. It is each participant of the trip reserved to draw their own conclusions.

unless you personally gone about getting first hand information about the northeast African country from the proportionately most refugees came to Switzerland last year. It is disturbing that many wrote about Eritrea and formed an opinion, without knowing anything about it.

Personally she was able to win a lot of positive impressions, Hochuli said. You and the whole group would be in the capital Asmara as well as in the country at any time to move freely. "To be I never felt exploited," emphasized Hochuli.

Impressed she showed by her visits to schools, hospitals and charities. The textbooks with which the children are taught, are of high quality and standing in the rudimentary furnished hospitals will done a good job.

Eritrea have good concepts in many areas. But the problem is the implementation, because the resources were lacking, stated Hochuli firmly. For example, the AIDS prevention shall be written large. Eritrea has one of the lowest AIDS rates in all of Africa.

As positive Hochuli solved the many discussions with the population. "People like to talk, if you approach them," she said. "As soon as the conversation turned to politics, they stopped." About prisons to speak was impossible. You have to visit any prisons or police stations.

could hold discussions the Swiss politicians contrast with some officials – such as the health minister, the foreign minister or the adviser to the president. It should be noticed her that the government was not complete in itself, presented Hochuli firmly.

Most cabinet members were former freedom fighters and they have remained freedom fighters. They reacted mostly with verbal counterattacks when criticizing them going practiced.

So they had no understanding that Eritrea would put the West repeatedly in a "sleazy corner" and could not understand that they would always faced the same with the issues of asylum and prison.

After their trip the politician-group will now meet with Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga and talk to her about Eritrea. She have sent a corresponding letter to the justice minister on Friday Hochuli said.

Excited she wants the group to set up a high-level fact-finding mission, a permanent representation of Switzerland in Eritrea, an improvement of diplomatic relations, the launch of a priority program for development aid as well as a migration dialogue.

These requirements would be borne by the whole group, stressed the Aargauer Councillor. It is the "lowest common denominator", to which one had to agree.

If it succeed, to initiate a dialogue on an equal footing with Eritrea, had been achieved much with the Eritrea-journey, Hochuli convinced. This dialogue is very important. Without diplomatic relations there would be no readmission agreement with Eritrea.

The five politicians that traveled to Eritrea were besides Hochuli were, the National Councils Thomas Aeschi (SVP / ZG), Claude Béglé (CVP / VD), Christian Wasserfallen (FDP / BE) and National Councillor Yvonne Feri (SP / AG).

Inspired by the journey to the northeast African country Hochuli last late summer – from personal motivation, as they emphasized. "I just wanted to know more about the country." As stated by Eritrean Swiss honorary consul, the Wettinger Gynaecologist Toni Locher.

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Swiss Politician Back from Eritrea with a Very Positive Impression