Swiss Politician, “Eritrea Has Interest to Take Back the Asylum Seekers”

SVP Thomas Aeschis Trip to Eritrea


Representatives Thomas Aeschi visited Eritrea, where last year nearly 10,000 asylum seekers arrived in Switzerland. He could move freely | February 10, 2016



Thomas Aeschi stayed a good week in Eritrea. The Zuger SVP politicians wanted to like Yvonne Feri (SP), Susanne Hochuli (Green) or Claude Béglé (CVP) a picture of the situation in the East African country. He wanted to investigate the causes to the bottom and find solutions that last year nearly 10,000 Eritreans have submitted an asylum application in Switzerland, he wrote shortly before his departure on Facebook. Currently, European countries send no Eritreans back to their homeland, as the regime human rights violations are accused.


As the green Councillor Hochuli has not experienced the state as an African North Korea Aeschi. "Eritrea is a very poor country. The infrastructure is poor, power and internet connection are widely missing. "On the streets many donkey carts were on their way. The Simple Life has Aeschi held in numerous photos (see picture gallery).



Aeschi could move freely


The group was able to move freely. "We had no sitter nearby, as was partially hawked. Only once we were asked at a checkpoint to show our documents. "The locals would hardly be controlled and you just get to talk with them. Aeschi was astonished how well the people in Asmara streets are informed. "They know exactly which stories can be obtained asylum in Europe." Reasons for the journey across the Mediterranean have the different interlocutors mentioned: Approximately deep wages, poor job prospects and poor education.



Restrained the locals are but when the conversation falls on military service or prison conditions. The Red Cross granted Eritrea without access to its prisons. Aeschi had printed the UN report before his private trip, which also houses the notorious prisons of Eritrea are listed. But this was the group did not attend: "An Eritrean representative has told us that yes even in Switzerland you can not just walk in prisons."


But he had not expected that the unofficial parliamentary delegation would get access. Only once had the UN Commission of Inquiry or the International Committee of the Red Cross access. "You have to be realistic: aim of the trip was not to provide a definitive assessment of the human rights situation in Eritrea."


"Switzerland must intensify relations»


The group met not only the EU ambassador to Eritrea, but also Yemane Gebreab, a representative of the Eritrean Government. "This man said that his country has interest to take back asylum seekers."



According Aeschi this means for the Swiss asylum policy: "Switzerland must intensify relations with Eritrea. Secretary Mario Gattiker should take the reins in his hand and travel to Eritrea personally. "For a journey of asylum Minister Sommaruga it was still too early, because they had gambled in Eritrea with their trip to archenemy Ethiopia last year sympathies.



The tour group will submit a joint statement after their return. The journey had led to a controversy because they had arranged the Eritrean Honorary Consul Toni Locher, a friend of the Eritrean dictator. The aid to refugees spoke of a pure propaganda campaign: "This trip is about as credible as if the North Korean Embassy would organize a trip to Pyongyang," said spokesman Stefan Frey for "Southeast Switzerland». 




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Swiss Politician, Eritrea Has Interest to Take Back the Asylum Seekers