France Deports Wanted Eritrean Rapist Henok Fri Back to Sweden

France Deports Wanted Eritrean Rapist Henok Fri Back to Sweden

France Deports Wanted Eritrean Rapist Henok Fri Back to Sweden


France Deports Wanted Eritrean Rapist Henok Fri Back to Sweden | January 14, 2016 


IMMIGRANT VIOLENCE. Henok Werie Fri arrested by the French courts and has now been released to Sweden. The man, who was born in 1980, landed in Sweden last Friday.


The man is suspected of Rape that occurred under the viaduct at Gymnastics Way and Tegelbruksgatan in central Eskilstuna. A woman was assaulted and dragged into an elevator where she was raped. DNA evidence led to the now arrested the man who was wanted internationally.


According to police, the suspect was arrested in collaboration with the Unit for international police cooperation, IPO. A lay of the international DNA register gave a hit, and the suspect was arrested in France on December 22, 2015.


The man is currently in custody in Eskilstuna in anticipation of omhäktningsförhandling.


– Collaboration with the IPO has worked very well. Now we will work with the matter as undisturbed as it only goes for the process to be as good as possible, says Lars Franzell, head of the group for serious crimes by the police in Eskilstuna, in a statement.


-Pettersson Saying only that Eritrean Henok Werie Fre have had the opportunity to commit their acts of violence because of the authorities and the media's indulgence and are thus complicit in this political crime …




From Wikipedia:


Henok Werie Fri, born 1980, is an Eritrean who raped two women first in 28 april 2007 in Boden. Again Henok is now called for the rape, which he is suspected to have committed a very crude rape in Eskilstuna on 26 april 2011.


The Eritrean national, Henok Werie Fri, came to Sweden as asylum seekers 2005. On 18 June 2007 sentenced Henok of Luleå District Court to imprisonment for 3 years and 6 months. The District Court however rejected the prosecutor's request to Henok Werie Fri ought to be deported after serving his sentence because he said he was threatened to be tortured in their home country. The verdict was appealed the 7 July the Court of Appeal for Northern Norrland. Which was changed against that decision and the Court of Appeal said that Henok Werie Fri, due to their serious crimes were dismissed after serving his sentence. At the same time reduced the sentence to three years imprisonment as compensation for but he would suffer in connection with the expulsion.


When it was time for deportation protested Amnesty International against the judgment. The Swedish ambasadören in Eritrea Fredrik Schiller wrote, however, that there was no impediment to expel Henok back to Eritrea. Amnesty did, however rapist Henok in defense.


– No matter what you have committed the offenses, there is an absolute prohibition on returning a person to a country where he would face torture, said Amnesty International's Counsel Madeleine Seidlitz.



For over four years ago, on 26 April 2011, a woman was brutally raped in an elevator under the viaduct at Gymnastics Street / Tegelbruksgatan in Eskilstuna. Dna quickly pointed out a suspect.


Police quickly went out and published the suspect with the name and picture. Partly because they hoped to get help from the public to find him. Partly to warn the public because he was considered dangerous. He had been implemented and convicted of similar brutal rape in northern Sweden earlier.


Some newspapers, including Eskilstuna Courier chose to help the police and Pettersson's blog. Södermanlands Nyheter and most others chose to abstain.


APB has not helped. Henok Werie Fri today has turned the 34 years.



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