Video: Fight Between 80 Eritreans and Syrians in Germany


Mass Fight brawl in Hamburg: Severe riots in refugee camp


In a refugee camp in Hamburg it has come on the weekend to two fights. According to police, the attacks directed against the security personnel. | December 14, 2015


In a refugee camp in Hamburg it has come on the third weekend of Advent to two serious riots with several casualties.


Refugee Home Langenhorn Grell Kamp dispute


The trigger was apparently a conflict on Saturday, whose origin is unknown. Police presents the course of events this way: Eritreans had attacked a security guard. Therefore, the 24-year-old should be transferred to another hotel. But dozens of compatriots who opposed the relocation and attacked, according to police and the security guards at. The security guards in turn were supported by several Syrians. This results in a first brawl with about 50 participants developed.

On Sunday, the conflict boiled again high. 60 to 80 residents of Syria and Eritrea went in two groups at each other. The men are said to have beaten into each other with sticks, stones and wooden slats. Some security guards are said to have barricaded themself, reported the "Hamburger Abendblatt", citing witnesses.


Within 48 hours - two mass brawls in a refugee hostel in Hamburg


Only after three hours, the dispute was thus settled. Five security guards and two residents were slightly injured. Police arrested ten of the racket fixed provisionally, all were still fired in the same night.



It is not the first time that in Hamburg facilities comes clashes – and also not the first time that refugees attacking security personnel.


Within 48 hours - two mass brawls in a refugee hostel in Hamburg


Riots in Munich


In Bavaria there were on Sunday in an accommodation to a brawl. In Karlsfeld north of Munich, a group became refugees with the employees of the security service to one another. The occasion was investigation has shown that that the security service the residents play football forbade the middle of the living area. The guards should therefore have been attacked with stones and shoes litters.
Two Senegalese, aged 20 and 32 years were temporarily taken after the incident in police custody, but were later returned to their property, such as the police reported.


Three asylum-seekers and four security guards were treated on an outpatient basis with minor injuries. According to previous investigations should have been involved in the brawl up to 80 refugees and security guards. The police arrived with around 40 officers who brought the situation quickly under control.


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Fight Between 80 Eritreans and Syrians in Germany