VOA Tigrigna: Friday December 11, 2015 Report

VOA Tigrigna Friday December 11, 2015 Report

VOA Tigrigna: Friday December 11, 2015 Report


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Ethiopia Hand Grenade BOMB Kills 6 at Mosque 


www.telegraphtimes.com | December 11, 2015


An Ethiopian official says a blast at the biggest mosque in the capital, Addis Ababa, has wounded ten people.


High school and university students from across Ethiopia's most-populous region are protesting to demand the government shelve a master plan for the city, said Bekele Nega, general secretary of the Oromo Federalist Congress.


Siouxland Oromians say they are demanding justice for Oromian students killed during clashes with police in Ethiopia. According to critics, these luxury housing developments are meant for regime leaders and supporters who are mostly of the Tigrean ethnic group dominating the Ethiopian Federal government; on the other hand, those ethnic Oromo farmers evicted from their ancestral land either end up homeless or become servants and guards in the newly built luxury houses.


The Master Plan is an Integrated Development Plan created to expand the boundaries of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capitol.


Oromia police have confirmed three fatalities after clashes with protestors the government of Ethiopia had deemed "anti-peace elements".


The Oromo Community of Siouxland has condemned the violence against those students.


At least seven students have been reported killed in Ethiopia's Oromia State so far.


"Yes, there needs to be foreign aid given to third world countries but there also needs to be an intervention and negotiation between the Canadian government and the Ethiopian government to stop harassing people".