Swiss Government Can Deport, Send Back Eritreans

Swiss Government Can Deport, Send Back Eritreans

Swiss Government Can Deport, Send Back Eritreans

Government can send back any Eritreans | November 26, 2015


The end of October 755 Eritrean national have been living in the canton of Zurichs temporarily admitted. A repatriation of those persons would be possible only after legal abolition of provisional acceptance by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).


The writing of the Governing Council in a published on Thursday in response to a request from Cantonal Daniel Wäfler (SVP, Gossau) and Jacqueline Hofer (SVP, Dübendorf). This had encouraged to put in view of the growing influx of refugees, a "regulatory sign against economic refugees".


Specifically, they wanted to know whether the Government was ready to return the "real economic refugees" with immediate effect back to their home countries or to put pressure on the federal authorities. And as to the "fact" Imagine that several alleged refugees from Eritrea made holiday stays in their home country and there were celebrating weddings, among other things.


In its reply, the Government points out that the SEM is responsible for assessing asylum applications. This was also necessary to examine whether the conditions for granting asylum or temporary admission are met. Arrange the SEM to a road, the Migration Office overtake already consistently the necessary measures to ensure the exit.


Here, the migration office draw from all his available funds. Asylum seekers who received a removal order would be asked to leave independently within the period prescribed in Switzerland. Will this call are not followed, a successful forced repatriation, the successes usually by air.


Combat abuses consistently


Regarding travel of refugees from Eritrea to the home country, has the Government points out that in any case, a message to the SEM'm made for this to check the withdrawal of refugee status or the abrogation of the recording.


Abuses in the asylum and immigration area would have to be fought at all cost, it said in its reply to the request. The Government had therefore asked the Federal Council to take further action with regard to repatriation of illegal entries and the defense.


Urgently needed are also the rapid development of a migration agreement with Eritrea and the strict enforcement of the existing agreement with Afghanistan. From both countries came very many asylum seekers who are currently coming to Switzerland. (Ori / SDA)


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