Eritrean Girl (17) Stabbed to Death at Norway Asylum Center, Eritrean Boy (18) Arrested

Eritrean Girl (17) Stabbed to Death at Norway Asylum Center, Eritrean Boy (18) Arrested

Girl (17) stabbed to death at asylum centers in Sunndal


The accused man in 18 years tried to run away from the place. | November 20, 2015 


– It was very chaotic at the site when the emergency services arrived. Several people were in shock, saying efforts manager Tor Anders Evensen in Nordmøre and Romsdal Police to reporter at Sunndal asylum seeker reception.

The message about the stabbing at the reception came to police clock 20.38 Thursday evening. Emergency services were at the reception clock 20.55, and a girl of 17 years was found severely injured on site. She was given life-saving treatment, but the clock 21.55, she was pronounced dead, police writes in a press release.


He is currently charged with severe bodily injury with death, said police attorney Knut Meek Corneliussen Adresseavisen about 18-year-old who was arrested.


The alleged offender shall have elapsed from the reception. About one hour after notification of stabbing the man was arrested in the vicinity. In the course of Friday will be decided whether the young man should be detained in custody. According Corneliussen it is likely that this happens.


From Eritrea


In addition to the girl was one additional person injured. The person received minor injuries in a hand, according to Evensen.


The press release states that both the victim and the alleged offender are from Eritrea.


The whole area around the main block at the reception was immediately cordoned off.


– We plan to maintain a degree of readiness at the reception to reassure those who live and work here, says Evensen.


The arrest was undramatic, and efforts manager would not comment about the killing knife is found. He confirms, however, that he used knife.


– We are now working to clarify the circumstances and the relationship between those involved.


Several witnesses


Other residents are taken care of health and emergency personnel. Several hundred people must have been by the reception Thursday night, and many described as witnesses. Both residents and staff should have seen what happened.


Several of the witnesses was early Friday morning at the sheriff's office. After that Adresseavisen experience is stab weapon that was used is still not found just after midnight. Large police forces, several police dogs, ease into the night after the weapon.


– It's gotten a little light snow and notified more snow into the night. It will likely impede the exploration work, said Adresseavisens reporter on site, Tommy Fossum.


330 pitches


After that Adresseavisen get lit there was a large African environment on the reception. So far, should not the local police have requested assistance from NCIS.


Sunndal municipality operates the reception. It was created in 1998 and has an ordinary department with 260 seats and from January this year two units for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers with a total of 70 seats. There is a huge range of nationalities with their reception.




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