Video: Emanuel Kahsai Arrested on His Mom’s Killing


Selamawit Alem's son arrested in Coventry Hills double homicide |  November 14, 2015


Selamawit Alem had obtained emergency protection orders against her son, first in June and later in September, telling court he became violent when he drank and took drugs.


“My concern is … he will follow me or he will hurt me,” Alem said of her son Emanuel Kahsai, according to a transcript from a court hearing in September. “He will kill me, yeah, if I call the police especially.”


A man was arrested in connection with the deaths of Selamawit Alem and Julie Tran in downtown Calgary on Nov. 13, 2015.


Weeks later, officers found Alem, 54, and her client, 25-year-old Julie Tran, stabbed to death inside Alem’s Coventry Hills home.


Kahsai, 30, now faces charges in connection with the deaths of both women, his lawyer said.


Selma Alem, pictured in this 2006 file photo, is being remembered as a generous, loving mother.


Officers discovered the bodies of Alem and Tran in Alem’s home in the 200 block of Coventry Close N.E. the morning of Oct. 19 while conducting a check on welfare, after a friend had raised concerns.


Police say the women were found amid scenes of “a violent incident” and that the pair had likely been killed between 36 and 48 hours prior to police arrival.


Shortly after, investigators announced they had a person of interest in the case who was being held in custody on an unrelated matter.


Police confirmed the person of interest is now facing charges in connection with the double homicide, but have not released his name as charges have not officially been laid.


According to legal documents, Alem first sought an emergency protection order in June, telling court Kahsai had pushed her and she feared he would kill her. She said she noticed he had become angry after his brother was killed 10 years ago and he had developed a drinking problem.


Alem said she later “had a change of heart” after learning Kahsai was living in his car, and vacated the order in late August.


But in September, she went to obtain another emergency protection order, telling court he had smashed windows at her home and threatened to kill her.


Court documents show, between May 22 and Oct. 16, Kahsai allegedly threatened his mother and two other people. He was also charged with three counts of assault with a weapon in connection with an incident on March 4th.


Kahsai was expected to appear in court Friday on those charges, but was taken to police headquarters to be questioned instead, his lawyer said. Kahsai’s next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.


Alem, known to friends as Selma, moved to Calgary from Eritrea in the early 1980s and worked as a professional caregiver. She looked after two clients with disabilities in her home, one of whom was Tran. The other client is in a safe place, according to police.


Friends say she dealt with immeasurable tragedy in her life. She suffered through two bouts of cancer and lost her son, 18-year-old Michael Kahsai, after he was beaten to death with a meat cleaver a decade ago. The teen’s killer was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years in prison, with two years shaved off for time served.

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