Eritrean-Swedish Songstress Adiam “Desert Island”

Video: Eritrean-Swedish Songstress Adiam “Desert Island”

Watch Adiam Lose Herself in a Surreal Landscape in “Desert Island” | November 2, 2015

“I had a dream that I was on a desert island,” croons Eritrean-Swedish songstress Adiam in the opening lines of her moody indie-pop single, appropriately named “Desert Island.” Adiam, heavily outfitted in jewelry, stands along a barren,  pebble-scattered coastline where the remnants of a shipwreck are licked by gentle waves.

The video is a muted and slightly faded affair; effectively poetic when coupled with the song’s reflective lyrics. “I sunk my ship so nobody would ever find me,” Adiam continues, channeling the desire to retreat from the world so many of us have felt. There’s a slightly hypnotic nature to her bare, unembellished singing, and without the bells and whistles of an overly-produced ballad, it’s easier to connect to the heart of the lyrics.

For Adiam, it seems that getting lost in one’s interior isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s rather imperative to finding oneself again. Watch the haunting video for “Desert Island” above and continue the wistful vibes by checking out Jack Ü’s visual for “To Ü.”

Eritrean-Swedish Songstress Adiam “Desert Island”