Video: Kahsay Mekonen’s Dead Body Found Hanging from a Tree – Murder or Suicide


Kahsay Mekonen's Dead Body Found Hanging from a Tree – Murder or Suicide

The dead man in the Bürgerpark | Sept 12, 2015

A refugee from Eritrea depends dead on a tree in the Bürgerpark. The case quickly became clear to the police: Suicide. However, the lawyer of the dead contradicts. Your client had been threatened, she says. A team of journalists from buten un binnen and the Dutch media Argos and OneWorld goes in search of clues and encounters controversial inconsistencies. Be The longer the search, the greater the doubt to a suicide of Kahsay Mekonen.

The search starts in the Bürgerpark. There, journalists can find the rest of a belt. It is the belt that hung with the Kahsay Mekonen on the tree. The police have not completely removed it. Frank Passade, the spokesman for the Staatswanwaltschaft which is clearly embarrassed: "Apparently it's been missed by the police to secure the belt afterwards," he says. The belt is a symbol for the rest of the investigative work. The case is far from finished. Besides, many questions have never been clarified.

Kahsay Mekonen was "scared to death"

Why a man should commit suicide, whose application for asylum was just upheld in the Netherlands only? Moreover Kahsay Mekonen was going to bring his family to Utrecht. What he wanted in Germany?

Around two weeks before his death, Kahsay Mekonen has bought in the Netherlands, a train ticket to Berlin. First he is the train to Berlin, then to Brunswick and finally went to Bremen four days later over Hannover. In Bremen Kahsay Mekonen was ten days. To date, no one knows where. When they found him, he had neither a jacket nor a bag with him – the middle of winter. Why were the refugees from nearly half of his salary for a ticket to Germany? He spoke neither German nor English.

A woman [Source: Radio Bremen]

The attorney doubts suicide

But that's not the only absurdity: "A few weeks before he died, to Mr. Mekonen told his friend that he is afraid dread And if something happens, then there are probably the two men were from the refugee camp, the.. have threatened him, "says Dutch lawyer Leonie Sinoo Mekonens.

Threats in refugee camp

Journalists meet the friend. He confirmed everything. He had gone to the police after the disappearance Mekonen Mr and told of the threat. But the investigators who interrogated the accused men then not. Why not? "We are not in charge," said the Dutch police in Utrecht. Because Kahsay Mekonen died in Germany, it was a case of the German police. However, the German investigators do not feel it has a duty ". This threat has indeed taken place in the Netherlands We are not simply responsible," says Frank Passade. Therefore, the German police have this not taken into account in the investigation.

Influence of the Eritrean regime extends up to Europe

Here died, threatened there. And then asks the police not after? Here, just a dispute between Eritreans have a serious background, says the Eritrea-specialist from the University of Tilburg, Mirjam van Reisen: "The Eritrean regime has a long arm, also in Europe, with a vast network of informants people here in Europe. be put in fear and terror, if they do not meet the requirements. "

Contacting organ dealers?

And there's a second track: staff from the refugee camp suspect Kahsay Mekonen had to do with an organ trafficking ring Menschenschleuser- and. He had a backpack, carrying the refugees as a sign of recognition. This information was the lawyer Sinoo to the prosecutor continued. However, the Dutch police has not notified to the German authorities. And that's why the German investigators have not pursued these trace.

Fresh puncture marks and atypical posture

In this case, this track is compressed when the coroner discovered a fresh puncture site on the arm of Mekonen. Was tested in Germany, the blood of Eritreers? Should he might pay with an organ for his escape? All this was never tested.

A man [Source: Radio Bremen]

Frank van de Goot coroner: "hanging is a possibility."

Prosecutors adheres to the forensic reports. Accordingly, a third party fault can not be determined. This conclusion allows for the opinion. However, it was formulated unclean, says Frank van de Goot, a renowned forensic pathologist from the Netherlands. He discovered more evidence, as an atypical body posture of the dead and a greatly enlarged brain. Both admit a different conclusion: "There are other possibilities Maybe it's better to specify:.. Cause of death is not safe hanging is a very good way, other causes have not yet been ruled out."

After one and a half years of research, it remains unclear why and how Kahsay Mekonen died. What is certain is that the police did not answer crucial questions.

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Kahsay Mekonen's Dead Body Found Hanging from a Tree - Murder or Suicide