Meron Teshome and Mosana Debesay Win Gold, Wehazit Kidane Wins Silver the Africa Games 2015

Eritreans Meron Teshome and Mosana Debesay Win Gold, Wehazit Kidane Wins Silver at the Africa Games 2015

Meron Teshome and Mosana Debesay  Win Gold, Wehazit Kidane Wins Silver the Africa Games 2015

Eritrea winning the Africa Games: Meron Teshome the men's time trial at the female Mossana Debesay | Sept 11, 2015


In Congo Brazzaville, it is being held the All Africa Games , now in their eleventh year. Cycling is present with the team time trial, with the individual time trial and road tests elite of both sexes. Yesterday took place the two team time trial , both on the distance of 25 km: the race female was won by Nigeria (Rosemary Marcus, Happy Okafor and Gladys Tombrapa Gripnka) with a time of 37'12 ". 4" has ended South Africa (Catherine Colyn, Heidi Dalton and Lise Olivier), a 10 "Ethiopia (Tsega Beyene, Hadnet Kidane and Sendel Hafte Tewele). Off the podium Nambia to 33", more detached Egypt, Ghana and Congo, while ' Eritrea has not competed.



In the men's team time trial victory went to South Africa (Gustav Basson, Shaun-Nick Bester and Hendrik Kruger) who stopped the clock at 29'31 ". Distance 19" concluded Algeria (Adil Barbarians, Abderrahmane Bechlegheme, Abderrahmane Mansouri and Nassim Saidi) to 59 "ranked Rwanda (Joseph Aleluya, Janvier Hadi, Valens Ndayisenga and Jean Bosco Nsegimana). Off the podium Burkina Faso to 2'10, 2'30 in Kenya, the ' Ethiopia in 2'44 ", 2'46 in Libya," Egypt at 3'52 "and 4'09 in Nigeria".



Today was the day dedicated to the two stopwatch individual: in the female , 12.5 km long, was to win the Eritrean Mossana Debesay with a time of 18'01 ". The twenty-made 4" best of Wehazit countryman Kidane and 5 "best of the South African Lise Olivier. In the top 10 finished the Rwandan Jeanne d'Arc Girubuntu to 6", the Namibian Vera Adrian to 6 "and Michelle Vorster to 13", the South African Heidi Dalton to 13, the Mauritian Kimberley De Le Court Billot 22 "and the Nigerian Gladys Tombrapa Gripnka to 31" Rosemary and Marcus to 46 ".


In the test male , always which took place on the route to 12.5 km, still a victory for Eritrea: the success go to Meron Teshome , capable of stopping the clock at 15'14 ", 4" best of South African Gustav Basson and 12 "best of 'Algerian Adil Barbarians. In the top 10 we find the Tunisian Rafaa Chtioui to 18 ", the South African Hendrik Kruger to 25", the Algerian Abdelkader Belmokhtar to 26 ", the Eritrean Yonas Tekeste to 31", the Rwandan Janvier Hadi 34 " The Namibian Dan Craven 40 "and the Rwandan Valens Ndayisenga 40".


The two remaining appointments are for tomorrow with the women's road race and Sunday with the men's


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